Aldis – Top 7 & The VRO Interview!!

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2010

So okay I asked Aldis Hodge on The VRO interview if we could start doing a Top 7 on here. ‘Cause Kane does a Top 5 so Aldis needs to do Top 7!  And he agreed! So this entry is where you should leave your suggestions and Ladies *try* to keep it clean lol Every week I’ll post a place to make suggestions and then I’ll compile them and send them to Aldis to do them when he gets time.

So let it rip!

Also the very awesome The VRO podcast is posted in our gallery- HERE. Please show some love to this site. Those ladies totally rock.  I’ll be posting an affiliates link up tomorrow!

10 Comments on “Aldis – Top 7 & The VRO Interview!!”

  1. Top 7:
    Guilty pleasures
    Geekiest moments
    Actors/Musicians you’d love to hang out
    Parker/Hardison Moments
    Hardison and Eliot Moments
    Fave songs
    Frequently used phrases
    Items you frequently buy/indulge yourself on
    Dreams for your future
    Most embarassing things you’ve found on the net about yourself
    Favorite gifts you’ve been given (presents not talent)
    Ways you’re not like Jan Brady (the middle child syndrome!)

    That’s all for now LOL

  2. Top 7:
    TV series you acted in
    Old movies you wish you could have acted in
    Ad-libs on Leverage

  3. From: blackbeltblondi

    @aldis_hodge_HIT the top 7 things u won’t leave the house wivout, clothes not an option lol 4:22 AM Jul 25th via Twitterrific

  4. Top 7 art works
    7 countries you would like to visit
    7 activities or hobbies you would like to try
    7 buildings or monuments you wish you wish you had built
    7 martial arts movies or action movies

    That’s all I can think of for now.


  5. Please ignore the typo in the second to last item above. It’s 5:24 AM in the UK 🙂

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