Black Screen Radio-RESCHEDULED!

Tuesday, Aug 24, 2010


Friday,  AUGUST 27 at 5pm Eastern Time

Black Screen Radio talks Leverage with Aldis Hodge on Monday, August 9th

August 4th, 2010


Black Screen Radio interviews Aldis Hodge, star of TNT’s hit series Leverage. The interview will air on monday  august 9 th 2010 at 4PM eastern time.

LEVERAGE follows the adventures of a highly skilled team out to settle scores against those who use power and wealth to victimize others. The gang is led by former insurance investigator Nate Ford (Hutton), who got involved in the con business after his former employer refused to pay for treatment that could have saved his son’s life. His highly skilled team includes Sophie Devereaux (Bellman), a grifter who uses her acting skills to corner her marks; Eliot Spencer (Kane), a “retrieval specialist” with bone-crunching fighting skills; Alec Hardison (Hodge), a gadget and technology wizard who keeps the team informed; and Parker (Riesgraf), a slightly off-center thief adept at rappelling off buildings or squeezing into tight places.

Source: Black Screen Radio


Due to scheduling problems Aldis Hodge from leverage has been postponed

August 4th, 2010

Due to scheduling problems aldis hodge from leverage has been postponed and the date and time of airing is yet TBD.

From AHO – We’ll keep you informed if we hear any updates!

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  1. check our site for updates on aldis hodges interview. due to scheduling problems the interview will take place another day. check the site to see if a new date has been set

  2. Also please promote the following contest.

    The first two callers who get trought this # 559-943-1454
    at exactly 3pm eastern time tomorrow. They will have the chance to ask a question to aldis hodge live on a conference call.

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