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Sunday, Feb 6, 2011

As I tweeted earlier on Twitter, please keep Xayian in your thoughts. She’s my co-admin who helped me set up this page and is a huge fan of Aldis. She had 2 personal losses this weekend. On Feb 4th she lost her cousin to illness. Then on Feb 5th her parents home burned down. Luckily no one was in the house at the time.

On Monday 7th February 2011, @Xayian said:

@AliKat_7 @Aldishodge02 @galmore03 @candymaize @msstephanie74 @aimsame & everyone else who’ve put my family in their prayers, A heart felt thank you from all of us. It was tough losing my cousin to illness especially for my mom, but then a day later to lose the house…but God was w/ my parents Sat nite b/c they decided to go to the movie. They left @ 650pm & 911 was called @ about 730pm. The fire climbed up from the basement through the walls destroying the center of the house along w/ the basement. We’ve gotten such neighborly support & the local Police, Fire & Red Cross have been Awesome. Considering how 2010 went w/my Dad’s Multi-bypass & stroke & the death of my aunt, it’s been rough. Then my aunt’s son passing followed quickly by the fire, all those prayers are so needed & appreciated & I am so touch. So again, Everyone THANK YOU!

Since her parents lost a lot of their belongings, if anyone wants to send a monetary donation, you can send it via Paypal to We’re working with the ladies at Always Christian Kane to collect money for Maria to help her parents out with anything they need. This is a personal collection for our friend, not associated with either Aldis Hodge or Christian Kane, but those of us at Aldis Hodge Online and the women who run Always Christian Kane. All donations need to be sent as a gift on Paypal – if you send it as anything else, Paypal takes 10%. We’ll take up money through the end of the month and each week I’ll send her what we’ve collected to that point so she can get things as they need them.
Even if you don’t send a donation, please keep Maria/Xayian and her family in your thoughts and prayers because right now they really need all the prayers and supportive thoughts they can get. And an angel or two looking out after them.

To Maria and her family, we want to send our deepest sympathy and all our support.

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