Feedback: Tell me the ‘Best of’ Hardison!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Okay -we’ve all seen the polls, the videos, the articles, etc about Top 10 moments for Hardison, Best Quotes, Great Hardison and Parker moments, etc. But – those are picked by TNT or the writer. So here’s your chance to give input on YOUR opinion. I’m going to make 4 videos with clips about these three lists and a freebie. I want fan input – not the creators. 🙂 Feel free to list more than one or even more than 10 if you can’t narrow it down but keep it under 15 please lol

  1. Best Hardison Moments
  2. Best Hardison/Parker Moments
  3. Best Hardison Quotes
  4. Also – a fill in category. Such as Best Moments that Hardison said “Age of the Geek” or Eliot yelled at him saying “Damnit Hardison!”, etc, whatever you can come up with. I’ll make a random video of that too lol

Everything will be screened comments so the videos will be a surprise. I want answers before May 20th!!!!

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