3rd Season of Leverage, a perfect blend of drama and comedy

Friday, Jun 17, 2011

Very small spoiler about S4 at the end of the article (last sentences)

Third season of ‘Leverage,’ a perfect blend of drama and comedy, available on DVD

Paramount The third season of TNT's heist series, "Leverage," is out now on DVD. Timothy Hutton stars.

Paramount The third season of TNT’s heist series, “Leverage,” is out now on DVD. Timothy Hutton stars.

Heist movies live and die by their ability to find the right balance between drama and comedy. The heroes are usually pretty shabby, tragic figures, but their best cons are nothing less than masterpieces in theatrical farce.

TNT’s terrific drama “Leverage,” about a group of con artists who play Robin Hood in modern-day Boston, has the perfect mix. The show’s latest season, “Leverage: Third Season,” was released this month, just ahead of the June 26 fourth-season premiere on TNT.

“Leverage” star Timothy Hutton credits the series’ success to the peculiar energy whipped up by the show’s cast, which includes a supremely flirtatious Gina Bellman as confidence trickster Sophie, Christian Kane as bruiser Eliot, Aldis Hodge as the computer and tech head Hardison, and a remarkable Beth Riesgraf as the emotionally challenged safecracker Parker.

Hutton’s character, insurance investigator-turned-heist mastermind Nathan Ford, is a study in darkness and light: Ford left his cushy job when his young son died after his insurance company refused to pay for a potentially lifesaving procedure.

Hutton keeps mum about the new season, except to say Nathan and Sophie’s tortured semiromantic relationship comes to a head. What’s more, Hutton says, Parker, who seems to lack any social graces, finds love.

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