Aldis Hodge’s Top Five Episodes of Leverage

Thursday, Jun 30, 2011

By Aldis Hodge

As Grifters, we all have our favorite Leverage episodes, and the same goes for the cast and crew. We asked our favorite Hacker, Aldis Hodge to share his five favorite episodes with us, and here they are:

5. The Grave Danger Job
This is a tough one because normally I would have said it was ‘The Ice Man Job’, but I think this episode we just shot, 407 called “The Grave Danger Job” (I think that’s what it’s called) written by Rebecca Kirsch has got big brass balls because of where it pushed my character emotionally. The character’s actually afraid, the entire team’s afraid in a way they never have been before and I think this episode is going to turn out to be a monster and that’s why it’s my 5th fave.

4. The Nigerian Job (Pilot)
My fourth fave is the pilot, penned by John Rogers and Chris Downey, simply because it is what started it all.

3. The Jailhouse Job
My third favorite is ‘The Jailhouse Job’, the third season opener, most notably because my brother, Edwin Hodge, was able to guest star and though we didn’t have any direct scenes together it was an honor to be able to say, “My brother did my show”. I believe this episode was written by John Rogers.

2. The Scheherazade Job
I was able to play such a great character and flex my string muscles with the violin. It exposed my talent in a different way which is the thing I love most about being an actor  — doing something ‘different’. This episode was also penned by Chris Downey.

1. The Van Gogh Job
Right now my number one fave episode is ‘The Van Gogh Job’. We were lucky enough to have Danny Glover as our guest star and I was fortunate to play the younger version of him in the story. It was a fantastic script (written by Chris Downey) and I think the same of the directing (directed by John Rogers) — I believe it will be one of our most beautiful stories thus far.




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