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Monday, Jul 11, 2011

Since it has recently been brought up, please let me clarify this. This is Aldis’ fanpage, not an official page, even if Aldis sometimes refers people here for information about him. I consider that an extreme honor and will treat it as such. But I am not authorized to make ‘statements’ regarding Aldis unless he specifically asks me to. When/if I know or hear something in regards to his personal life, I will not discuss it on here or on anywhere else.


I have nothing but total respect for Aldis and his family.  I would do nothing that I think would be intrusive or invasive of his private life, which includes anything in regards to his relationships, his family, or events and pictures from personal and private events in his life. I will promote anything that he does publically. If he says something in an interview or at a convention, anywhere it’s a case of HIM sharing the information, then I will consider it safe to discuss. Anything else is private.


Aldis and his family have been very gracious and open in sharing certain details and access to his life. I ask that you respect that and do not attempt to get more information that they willingly share.


Thank you,

Ali Kat

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