New layout and some new content!

Sunday, Jul 31, 2011
 New layout


We have a new layout! Hope you’ll like it. New sliding headers on the home page and every other page with different pics (season 1 quotes have season 1 Leverage pics, Biography are professional pics of Aldis, etc) Plus I added some new content under Hardison Bytes – a video portfolio that’s the ‘Best of’ from Season 4 episodes so far. Still to be added will be a few more video portfolios of Leverage and other roles Aldis has played. Also a section from his question and answers from Twitter will be added as soon as I can and kept up to date as he continues.


Also – check out the awesome new banners and buttons (by my wonderful and creative friend Sai) we have on our ‘Link Back to Us’ tab of Websites. Show your hacker love and promote our site!


A big thank you to Meike @ Reality’s End for her help fixing some of the glitches in the layout and to Anjalee for her help with the glitch in the portfolio. Hugs to my glitch-fixing friends!

2 Comments on “New layout and some new content!”

  1. Looks great, love the changing headers! I just miss the navigation strip on top when I click on an entry. Otherwise really good.:-)

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