John Rogers and Chris Downey: Crafting the Cons of Leverage

Friday, Aug 26, 2011

A short section from an interview with Chris Downey and John Rogers about Aldis’ interview:

Chris: Aldis [Hodge]… I think in the pilot we had these ideas of going against type. We were going to have the Hitter be kind of a skinny guy that you wouldn’t expect to be tough, and the Hacker was going to be more like Vin Diesel.

John: Yeah, just this sort of big, bulky… I mean, based on a couple of guys that we sort of stumbled across in research. Kind of really big halfback looking guys.

Chris: Yeah. And Aldis came in on his 21st birthday and read for it, and just tore the roof off. His comedic range, his ability… He delivers a lot of the exposition on the show, and that’s an unsung talent is that ability to deliver that exposition in an entertaining way. He just made it like music. And we couldn’t believe how young he was.

John: He turned 21 the night we hired him.

Chris: He’s always carried himself like an adult. And wasn’t he the first one hired?

John: Yeah. Yeah, because we did those auditions first.

Aldis’ work on the show has always reminded me of the “48 Hours” performance of Eddie Murphy.

John: Yeah! We actually reference that in an upcoming episode! There’s no way you can avoid it — he is just a big star, and his work ethic is impeccable. I’ve never met an actor who is more prepped. He’s really just relentless. That is one of those kids that when he comes in at 21 you go, “Oh God, he’s been doing this for a long time, hasn’t he? He’s much better at this than I am!”


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