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Wednesday, Aug 31, 2011

The other one that I thought was great was where Hardison wound up buried alive. While Aldis Hodge always is fantastic with the comic relief, in that particular episode he was allowed to let his dramatic chops fly. And he was spectacular as his character’s claustrophobia beset panic attacks that Parker had to talk him down from. Again, what I really liked about the episode was the fact that it illustrated just how tight the team has become. Everyone else had to scramble big time to find him and dig him up before he ran out of air, and it was outstanding. Once they rescued him the one thing that I found particularly heartwarming was the fact that for as much as Hardison manages to go out of his way to annoy Eliot, he was the first one to pull him up and hug him and whisper into his ear “don’t you ever to this to me again”.

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