Quotes from a review of Queen’s Gambit Job

Monday, Aug 29, 2011

Just loved these quotes:

Still, even at their cutest, they had nothing on Parker and Hardison. In years past, Beth Riesgraf, as Parker, has dominated the show’s brightest moments, so it only balances out things a little that Aldis Hodge, as Hardison, has pretty much run off with this past season.


 Suggestiveness and flirtation, especially on a TV series, can be sexier than seeing a couple of actors crash into each other all over the furniture. But knowing how successful Hardison has been in getting past Parker’s emotional armor would help make it less sticky when she says things like, “Quick and light, that’s how I survive. You slow me down, you kill me,” so that he can then tell her that she used to have feel that way because she used to be alone, but now she’s part of a team, and “I got you, girl.” As it happens, Hardison was literally slowing her down, by strapping her into heavy, weighted-down boots that made her lumber about like Frankenstein’s monster. There was a really sweet moment when they danced together, ostensibly because he needed to help her get over her frustration at not knowing how to move in the things–those, despite being one of the best-thought-out scenes this season, it wasn’t the haymaker romantic moment it could have been, because Leverage doesn’t really seem that comfortable dealing with romance.


Source: AV Club

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