Leverage Winter Ep Spoilers

Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011


Question: I am a HUGE Leverage fan. Will we get to see a shirtless Hardison and Eliot this season? If you could respond, that would be awesome! —Jessa25
Ausiello: Half of your wish comes true in the Nov. 27 midseason premiere when Hardison loses his clothes during an undercover mission at a fraternity (where he’s forced to participate in a hazing ritual). Even better, things get very flirty — and kissy! — between Hardison and Parker when she poses as his slightly loony date.

Question: Any chance you have some Leverage scoop, particularly something involving Nate and Sophie’s relationship? —Lauren
Ausiello: A special Office-like mockumentary episode airing Dec. 4 finds the team posing as efficiency consultants at a greeting card company. When one of the real employees picks up on some tension between Nate and Sophie, the unsuspecting staffer — at Sophie’s delightfully evil urging — confronts Nate about it. That prompts the two of them to take their playful war to the cameras, talking-head style. Bonus scoop: Nate writes one hell of a greeting card to Sophie.

Source: TV Line – Ask Ausiello

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