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Monday, Nov 28, 2011

The other obvious reason that this was the best episode of Leverage in a long while is that it gave both Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge plenty of room to play, while being fairly upfront and direct about Parker’s and Hardison’s feelings for each other. (At the climax, he got in trouble with the villains after the two of them had a fight, so of course, they got to make up in the time-honored fashion of having her rush in to kick the hell out of the thugs who were kicking the hell out of her boyfriend.) 

Hardison’s role in the con called for him to charm the bad guy with his brains and nerve, which, as he pointed out, meant that he had to basically impersonate himself, except “cooler.” Naturally, he was uncertain about his own ability to pull this off. Parker gave him a pep talk that went, “Remember when you took the thing with the glowing thingie and then you used it to kill the guy who was on the shiny stuff, and then, also, there was all this magic? That was so cool!” She was referring to his prowess at video games, but it was also a better review of a good Leverage episode than I’m ever likely to write.


source: A.V. Club

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