Aldis Hodge Talks The Office, Guys’ Night Out and More!

Sunday, Dec 4, 2011

Aldis Hodge Talks The Office, Guys’ Night Out and More!

December 4th, 2011 8:15 AM byMatt Richenthal
What happens when The Office meets Leverage? Fans of the latter will find out tonight.On the aptly-titled “The Office Job,” Nate Ford and company will attempt to bust up an embezzlement scheme by infiltrating a business and acting as its employees. But this basic mission will take a turn when team members find themselves thrust into a documentary being filmed on location.


Previews Aldis Hodge, who says he’s a huge fan of the NBC sitcom to which Leverage is paying homage:

“It was fun to mash up our style with theirs… they deal directly with the cameras every week, while our job is to be conspicuous, to be the guys you don’t see. The results end up being terribly funny.”

This week’s installment marks the first in a run of unusual episodes for the TNT hit. Over the next two Sundays, for example, viewers will watch one big story rolled into two parts, Hodge told me over the phone.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever filmed two episodes simultaneously, with the crew split and the women doing their own thing and the guys doing their own thing.”

Indeed, “The Girls’ Night Out Job” airs on December 11. It will feature a few bits of information that may not make sense until folks tune in the following week, and it will also features “ladies, legs and Jeri Ryan returning to do the Tango,” Hodge says.

On December 18, viewers will then be treated to the resolution of the plot in “The Guys’ Night Out Job.”

“It’s full of boys’ stuff,” Hodge said. “We’re making noise, getting into fights, just being raucous all around.”

Later in the season, meanwhile, Hardison will take center stage on “The Gold Job.” The actor says his character will try to run the con himself for the first time and, well, “everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan. But we get it done, the Leverage way.”

Finally, there’s this tease, regarding Leon Rippy’s January reprisal of Latimer: “You’ll see his role defined in a different way. You think he’s running the show, but then events unfold and you may be surprised to see that’s not actually the case.”

Source: TV Line

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