Leverage Podcasts: Let’s go steal a podcast!

Friday, Dec 2, 2011

I personally never saw this posted by TNT (I don’t know how I missed it) so I’m going to post it here to hopefully reach more people.


Let’s go steal a podcast!

Attention #Leverage fans! As the season premiere draws nearer, we’re excited to announce ‘Leverage Ten,’ a weekly podcast which will take you behind the scenes with the producers, writers, directors, and other members of the Leverage crew as they answer your submitted questions.

Here’s how it works:
·    After the episode each week, you’ve got 24 hours to either Tweet your questions with the tag #Leverage10questions. We’ll choose 10 questions and feature them on the podcast.
·    Subscribe to the Leverage Ten podcast on iTunes and every Sunday, we’ll deliver a brand new podcast straight to you with your questions answered by Dean Devlin, John Rogers, Chris Downey, and others while they give you a sneak peek behind the scenes.
·    Have fun!No question is too big, too small, or too weird for us!  Send it our way, and we’ll do our best to get it answered

That’s it, #Grifters!  Don’t miss the premiere of #Leverage’s winter season this Sunday, 11/27 with ‘The Experimental Job” at 9pm/8pm central, only on TNT. After the premiere, start sending us those questions! And don’t forget to check out the very first podcast – an exclusive preview of the upcoming Leverage 4 DVD commentaries!


NOTE: Before you Tweet or post your idea for a great new show or film on our wall, read this: in a word, DON’T. Electric Entertainment does not accept unsolicited material of any kind, and this policy includes our Facebook Wall and Twitter. Any ideas, while possibly brilliant, will not find their way to Electric via Facebook/Twitter, so please don’t bother. No ideas will be reviewed, responded to or even mulled over for a minute. They will be deleted promptly. Sorry, our lawyers are mean.


Source: Leverage Fans


Here is the link to the Podcast for the podcast for The Experimental Job.

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