Angels for Aldis Auction to Begin on January 21st!

Thursday, Jan 19, 2012

The Angels for Aldis Auction to benefit the LA Mission will begin this Saturday, January 21 (time TBD) and will run for 2 weeks. I have lots of Leverage, Supernatural, and music items that have been donated to the cause so it’s going to be great. Last year I donated $2500 made from the auction to the LA Mission in Aldis’ name as his Christmas gift. This year, due to his filming schedule and other factors I had to postpone the auction but now I have most items in hand, I’ll be posting the list and details on Saturday. If you want to donate something to be auctioned off, even after the auction begins, you can email me and I will list it. Last year a lot of items were donated after I began and did really well!


Once again, I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the auction to the LA Mission, Aldis’ favorite charity, in his name. This is an extraordinary group of people who feed the homeless in LA for 75 years. Please follow them on Twitter @thelamission or like their FB Page.

Here is their website:


Mission Statement:

The Los Angeles Mission exists to provide help, hope, and opportunity to men, women and children in need.
Core Values – Distinctives of the Los Angeles Mission

  1. We believe that all services provided to those in need should be done so in love, offering hope, mercy and compassion.
  2. We believe that personal spiritual transformation occurs from strong Christian discipleship, equipping and training.
  3. We believe that addictions can be overcome through prayer, medical treatment and deep abiding healthy relationships.
  4. We believe that homelessness is a temporary condition that, when desired, can be overcome with personal healing, educational assistance, housing and employment.

Vision Statement

The Los Angeles Mission strives to be a world leader among missions that provides for the poor, restores the addicted, and eliminates homelessness.

We see each individual as a spiritual person of worth and dignity and worthy of assistance in their journey. Our vision it to see individuals and families set free from addictions and homelessness, transformed by God to become physically and spiritually healthy; educationally equipped to participate in society and sustain housing; and encouraged to relationships of love and service to others.

We seek to help those who have been abused and neglected to find a better life. We seek to help those that have become addicted to understand their addictions, to expect physical healing and to live in ways that are healthy to soul, mind and body.



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