Beth Riesgraf on Sunday’s Leverage finale and moving the team to Portland

Sunday, Jan 15, 2012
Published: Sunday, January 15, 2012, 2:12 PM     Updated: Sunday, January 15, 2012, 2:55 PM
Beth Riesgraf, who plays Parker, the quirky cat burglar, in “Leverage,” says Sunday’s season 4 finale will set the stage for the team moving operations to Portland.

On Sunday night’s season 4 finale, the “Leverage” team has a showdown with the mysterious Latimer (Leon Rippy), and a foe from their past.

Portlanders should make a special effort to either watch or DVR Sunday night’s episode, “The Last Dam Job,” because this is the one that sets up the team relocating their base of operations from Boston to Portland.

While this makes sense as a practical matter — the TNT show has filmed in Portland since season 2 — it will require some narrative reason.

Beth Riesgraf, who plays the quirky cat burglar Parker on “Leverage,” says the finale will make it clear why Nate Ford (Timothy Hutton) and the rest of the crew are pulling up stakes and heading to the Northwest.

In a phone interview, Riesgraf says other points of interest in the finale are the return of some familiar characters from previous episodes, including those played by Wil Wheaton and Richard Chamberlain.

“In the season finale, you sense some closure,” says Riesgraf. “And it will make sense to fans why the ‘Leverage’ troupe needs to change home base.”

The “Leverage” gang traveled to Portland in the recent episode, “The Gold Job,” taking down a crooked brother-sister duo running a cash-for-gold scam. Will there be some connection between that episode and the team moving to Portland?

“I think so,” Riesgraf says, teasingly. But she won’t reveal any more details, so as not to spoil the surprise.

Fans of “Leverage,” says Riesgraf, “will be anticipating the next season based on how this one ends.” There will be developments in the characters, and in how they relate to each other. “I’m really interested to see where Nathan Ford goes,” says Riesgraf. “It was such a dramatic finale for him personally. I’m also hoping to see more action for Parker.”

Speaking of relationships, what’s in store in season 5 for Parker and Hardison (Aldis Hodge), whose connection has grown stronger in season 4?

“I think they’ve both come to the understanding that they mean a great deal to one another, and this is a first for them in many ways,” says Riesgraf. “(Parker) has learned to trust that. She was leery at first. But she’s formed a bond with (Hardison) that’s different than the others. They’re secure in knowing that they have something special.”

Fans ask, Riesgraf says, when Parker and Hardison will get together. “I think there’s sort of an unspoken idea that they are together. They’re not like your average, everyday person. They’re not going to go off and get married. In terms of where they are right now, they’ve found what works for them. They sort of teeter-totter. I think it’s nice to see the two of them figure things out.”

The Parker-Hardison connection is different, Riesgraf says, from the way Nate and Sophie (Gina Bellman) are together. “The two of them together are genius,” says Riesgraf. “Their chemistry is so great and they have this mature understanding of what’s happening.”



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  1. Great story. Portland’s a lucky city and the Leverage team is lucky to be shooting in such a cool place. Now, when do we start campaigning for Emmy’s and such for the gang????

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