Leverage’s fourth season – The good, the bad and the promising

Wednesday, Jan 11, 2012


Only one episode left until ‘Leverage’s’ fourth season finale. The viewers on the CliqueClack team weigh in on how they think it’s going and what next week might have in store for us.


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I’ve really been enjoying this second half of Leverage‘s fourth season. “The Office Job” was so well-played on all fronts that I can’t believe I didn’t write about it. Then, the “Girls’ Night Out Job” followed by the “Boys’ Night Out Job” were tons of fun. The writers are trying some different things this season, and for me, it’s working to breathe some new life into ths series that was near-perfect in season one and just hasn’t been able to live up to that thus far.

After the penultimate episode ending on such an exciting note this past Sunday (Bringing us back to the pilot episode? Brilliant!), I figured it was time for the CliqueClack team to dig into Leverage, for better or for worse.


Let me ask a question: Was the second season as bad as I remember it being, or was it just bad in comparison to the awesomeness of the first season?

Regardless of the answer, the show has never lived up to the promise it showed in the first season. Things have definitely gotten better, but I’m still left wanting. Sure, they are playing the Parker/Hardison relationship nearly perfectly, but I couldn’t be more bored with the idea of Nate and Sophie if I tried. And what about Eliot? From a character development perspective, they’ve given Christian Kane almost nothing to work with in four season.

Despite these complaints, though, I still enjoy the show quite a bit. I just remember how good the first season was, and go all sad face.


I’m in the same boat as you, because I’m not sure of the answer. When I go to epguides and look back at the season two episodes, I remember some of them fondly. So does that mean season three was the real clunker?

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  1. Whoa! For a fan site I’m surprised by your comments about the show. I just watched Leverage from the first episode through the current season since August 2011. And I’ve found the show consistently OUTSTANDING. As John Rogers has said its consistent about character development and a one shot on plot (98 percent of the time). To me, Season Four has been the BEST. It’s really pulled in all of the set-up the writers have worked and worked to infuse in every script, and this Sunday, I expect a unique payoff – which would be consistent with the way this show is written. Season 1 was great, but for me – so have each and every one of the Leverage seasons, and the characters keep getting richer – including Eliot (and yeah, I’m a Parker/Hardison fan) – but as they’ve said it’s a genuine five-hander and I don’t think any of the characters is cut short.

    1. Oh I didn’t write the article! If you look at the bottom there is a source of the article which was CliqueClack (http://cliqueclack.com/tv/2012/01/10/leverage-season-four/). The only reason I posted it is because I felt like there were two or more people debating in the article and for each point that seemed negative, the other person seemed to counter it. I don’t actually agree with most of the things said. In fact if you look at the comment section of the article, I made a long comment as Alikat7.

  2. Hey AliKat,

    Sorry, I didn’t make the leap to CliqueClack – thought it was just someone’s moniker. I love your site, so I was STUNNEd when I saw all of the salty comments. I should have known it wasn’t coming from the admin of this wonderful site. My apologies!

    1. Hey now … I always thought fans can be critical of the shows the like. I mean, I loved the first season, and have written about the show several times during its run. But I don’t like many of the decisions the shows writers and producers have made since that first season.

      Just sayin’ 😛

      1. I agree about this honestly. But my point about not posting something overly critical on this site was something that bashed one of the actors personally or said mostly criticism. I thought your article was well balanced and apparently Dean Devlin wasn’t offended since he RTed my tweet about it.

  3. Heya Ali. Thanks for the link back to CliqueClack! Its usually standard practice not to completely copy the entirety of the article when quoting, so would you mind taking only a portion of it and directing people to our site, so others aren’t similarly confused as to the origin of it? It also impacts both of us when there’s duplicate content on the web. Thanks!

    Keith – CliqueClack

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