PopMatters Awards Aldis for Best TV Performance as 2011’s Liveliest Unleashed Hacker

Thursday, Jan 12, 2012


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 The Best TV Performances of 2011 
 By Michael Abernethy 12 January 2012




The past year saw TV expand its reality horizon, featuring pig herders and people addicted to eating toilet paper or detergent. If watching rednecks catch alligators wasn’t your thing, though, reality TV offered up a slew of new talent competitions, insuring that more singers and groups will have 15 minutes of fame before their CDs wind up in the $1.99 discount bin. In 2011, only J. R. Martinez actually became a star, and who can complain about that?

It grew increasingly difficult to be a loyal series fan this year, as more programs saw their seasons hacked into multiple mini-seasons. This created confusion about when favorite shows were on and provided us all with the opportunity to enjoy a new cliffhanger every week.


Aldis Hodge in Leverage

Aldis Hodge wins 2011’s Liveliest Unleashed Hacker on TV Award, for his work on Leverage. Though the show isn’t a comedy, Hodge’s Alec got out from behind his computer more this season, giving him something more to do than spout witticisms through his headpiece.


Source of Quotes: PopMatters

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