Leverage: Beth Reisgraf teases Parker/Hardison relationship treats

Sunday, Apr 1, 2012

By Jenna Busch   April 1, 2012 2:06 AM ET

“Leverage” star Beth Reisgraf hit the red carpet at the 33rd College Televison Awards and we got a chance to talk about the new season. She says shippers will be happy and so will people who want more Eliot (Christian Kane).

“We’ve got some fun stuff,” she says. “The season opener starts off with a bang as usual. I think fans are going to be really excited, especially the ones who have been anticipating a relationship between Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and Parker. They’re going to get a few treats. And people who have been craving more Eliot back story are going to be happy. All around the team has found their groove and now we’re going to get little bits of candy.”

The show has moved to the actual city it’s supposed to be set in. “We have this new headquarters this year,” she tells us. “The show takes place in Portland and we’re shooting there. The rain has been tricky for us. It was actually hailing the other day. ”

Reisgraf tells us that the cast just loves to goof off. “We have these chairs in Headquarters that sink when you push the lever. During a scene Tim (Hutton) will hit the lever and you just drop in the middle of the scene. We have to be goofy sometimes to keep it fresh.”

“Leverage” returns to TNT on July 15.

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