Aldis Hodge on the ‘fun’ Parker-Hardison relationship

Sunday, Jul 29, 2012

July 29, 2012
By: Meredith Jacobs

“Leverage” is currently airing its fifth season on TNT, and so far, fans have been treated to something they’ve been waiting for—and Aldis Hodge knows they’ve been waiting for it, as he told the Leverage Examiner in an interview Thursday.

“That’s something we’ve been teasing and waiting for for the last four years. It finally came to a head this year,” Hodge said. Yes, Parker and Hardison are now dating, after flirting around it for the last four seasons. It has been an easy transition so far—from how they told the team to their interactions—and their characters have generally stayed the same. Yes, Hardison spent the team’s time apart screaming as he and Parker rappelled down buildings, but they are a solid couple.

Of course, there’s always the question of any potential drama coming for a couple on a television series. While it’s always entertaining to see a relationship play out, often, something happens that could change that. Will that happen for Parker and Hardison on “Leverage”? According to Hodge, fans don’t have to be worried:

“Not between them …they’re still very new and fresh and very fun and creatively, from the producers and the actors, we want to keep it fun and fresh for the audience always. …We definitely want to make sure that the audience understands this is not the average couple. They’re fun and very different, their problems are very different, but regardless, they’re going to be a happy couple. They’re going to be a successful couple.”

Beth Riesgraf has already told the Leverage Examiner in a recent interview that the relationship “has not affected the dynamic of the team,” but will it change who Hardison is now that he’s in a relationship? In a way, explains Hodge:

“Well, he’s gotta be a little bit more of a man now. He’s gotta step up. I mean, he’s always been a man, but now he’s figuring himself out, in a relationship with a lady. To be honest, I always thought Hardison might have been a little bit of a ladies’ man, but I don’t know how many ladies he’s actually dated. …I’m [looking] at this as his first real relationship and he’s just discovering who he is in a different setting…he’s been so close for the last four year, this year he finally gets [it].”

It may have taken until season 5 for the thief and hacker to get together, but it was worth the wait. Now fans can sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s coming their way for the couple.

“Leverage” airs Sundays on TNT. Are you happy that Hardison and Parker are finally together?


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