Nate/Hardison Relationship in S5 – SPOILERS

Monday, Jul 2, 2012

Quote from this article on Examiner about an interview with Timothy Hutton:

Meanwhile, Hardison (Aldis Hodge) has brought up leading the team in the past, and while things may not have gone as he had hoped when he gave it a try in season 4’s “The Gold Job,” that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t one day. What will their relationship be like in season 5?

When the premiere ended it seemed like Nate and Hardison are in a different place in their relationship than they really ever been. So how is that going to evolve going forward this season?

Tim Hutton:
“Well, I think that Nate has learned quite a bit about every team member and he’s learned that whatever he thought of their particular skill set, it’s much more well-rounded than what he previously imagined or thought or saw. And I think that Nate realizes that [Hardison] is someone who has evolved into a very well organized person who could probably take over the team and run things by himself. And he’s really come a long way or perhaps Nate just didn’t see it, maybe it was there all along.

But I think that he trusts Hardison completely. He trusts all of them. One of the themes of the fifth season is trust amongst the team members. And, of course, there’s the interpersonal relationships—Hardison/Parker, Nate/Sophie, et cetera—but I think on a bigger scale, there’s a newfound kind of trust that they all have for one another and really realize that each one has the other’s back.

And, you know, I think Nate is planning something. He’s planning for the future and that’s something he’s never done before. He’s planning for the future and he looks to Hardison as being the chief architect for whatever plans Nate has for the future.”

“Leverage” season 5 premieres at 8 p.m. on July 15.

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