SPOILERS: Beth Riesgraf previews Parker and Hardison’s relationship

Wednesday, Jul 11, 2012

July 10, 2012

By: Meredith Jacobs


Leverage” season 5 premieres on July 15 with “The (Very) Big Bird Job,” and this new season will see some changes, one of which is the move to Portland. The Leverage Examiner talked to Beth Riesgraf(everyone’s favorite thief Parker) Tuesday about the new season, and she previewed another change.

“This season, you’ll see that Parker and Hardison have started dating, and they sort of announce that, and you’ll get to see great moments between the two. I think fans have been very patient, and it’s been a long time coming. So, I’m happy to say they’ve decided to date and people will be amused and sort of touched by some of the moments that those two have together.”

Parker and Hardison have been dancing around each other for years now on “Leverage,” and finally, season 5 is when that will stop. However, just because they’re together doesn’t mean that things will change completely, and Riesgraf confirmed that’s true about the team dynamic with this new relationship:

“I’m happy to say it has not affected the dynamic of the team. I think it’s important to both characters, if I can speak for Aldis [Hodge, who plays Hardison] as well here, I don’t know, but certainly for me, it was important that their dynamic not affect the team as a whole and it hasn’t. The team is supportive of what’s happening and they’re aware of it and there are some great moments where there’s some eye rolling from Eliot, I’m not gonna lie, but at the same time, we didn’t want it to become this gushy, sweet relationship. These two are still who they are. They’re unique and so their relationship is going to not be like anyone else’s. But I think it’s important to them also as characters that their roles on the team stay as they are and that it doesn’t affect the dynamic.”

“Leverage” returns to TNT on Sunday, July 15, at 8 p.m. Are you excited to see Parker and Hardison together?

Source: Examiner

3 Comments on “SPOILERS: Beth Riesgraf previews Parker and Hardison’s relationship”

  1. I have watched Leverage since season 1, and I’ve been hoping since then that Parker and Hardison get together. Although some may say it will change the dynamic of the show, I believe differently. I honestly can say that exchanges between the two have always made the show funnier, and gave it more depth. I love everything about the show, including the new couple, and I always recommend it to my coworkers at Dish. There isn’t one thing about Leverage that I don’t like. Although I won’t be home on Sunday nights to watch the show live, I will be able to stream it to my iPad through the Dish Remote Access app, since my DVR is hooked up to a Sling Adapter. It’s going to be an interesting season to see how Parker and Hardison are in their new relationship, and how it will impact the rest of the team!

    1. I’ve loved the idea of Parker and Hardison together since Season 1. I loved the way they just clicked then she grew to count on him and it was so sweet. They’ll never be a ‘normal’ couple because they don’t live so-called normal lives. But I think its their uniqueness that makes them so much more adorable together.

  2. I agree with Carter that the exchange between Parker and Hardison gives the show much more gravity… As odd as that may seem. You more or less expect Sophie and Nate to “get better acquainted”. That has been brewing since season one and to me it was more or less inevitable. Hardison and Parker are more like lovers who realize that they’re becoming better expressions of themselves because of their relationship. From where I sit, I think their relationship should include more intimate moments. Now it just feels like they’re still dancing around each other and it seems like Elliot knows more about Parker than Hardison does. I truly hope that isn’t a sign.

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