Aldis Hodge on season 5 location, Hardison’s future

Sunday, Aug 19, 2012

August 18, 2012
By: Meredith Jacobs

“Leverage” is currently airing its fifth season on TNT, and recently, the Leverage Examiner talked to Aldis Hodge about what’s coming up. The season began with the team leaving Boston behind for a new location—Portland—and the “Leverage” season 5 premiere ended with a glimpse at something Hardison and Nate are up to that they’re keeping secret.


Of course the Leverage Examiner tried to find out more about that secret, but all Hodge would say was “you’ll get your answer around the finale time” and “as far as the secret goes, there’s a very specific reason that we’re in Portland, and you’ll get your answer for that.” Hardison had explained to the others that Nate’s place in Boston was burned in the season 5 premiere. Along with that place being under surveillance, he had also told them their old identities were also burned. They needed new ones. How will all of that tie into the secret?

“The Gold Job” in season 4 saw Hardison give being the leader of a team—the mastermind like Nate—a try. It may not have worked out perfectly, but it’s not hard to imagine him one day doing just that. Will that be something that could be part of Hardison’s future at some point?

“The future for Hardison is kind of up in the air. That’s something that he wanted to approach and that may come to pass for him in the future, it may come, it may come, …and that would be something I would like to see from him. I would like to see him get some closure on that …and explore that.”

“Leverage” season 5 continues Sundays on TNT. What do you think the secret is that Hardison and Nate are keeping?

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Source: Leverage Examiner

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