Aldis previews ‘The French Connection Job’

Saturday, Aug 11, 2012

August 11, 2012
By: Meredith Jacobs

Leverage” season 5 continues this Sunday, August 12, with episode 4, “The French Connection Job,” and when the Leverage Examiner recently talked to Aldis Hodge about what’s coming up, he previewed what to expect as the team dives into the world of cooking.

There is already a “Leverage” sneak peek that reveals more about Eliot’s past, along with a “The French Connection Job” preview teasing how different Eliot (Christian Kane) and Hardison will be approaching fighting (biting versus punching). The beginning of the season saw Hardison deciding to enter the restaurant business and Eliot explaining why that’s such a bad idea. Just last episode in “The First Contact Job,” Hardison had some fun with Eliot, but they’ll be entering into a world where the hitter is more comfortable with the next episode. What’s coming up for Eliot and Hardison in the kitchen? That’s just what the Leverage Examiner asked Hodge about.

How’s the restaurant business and making the menu going [with Hardison and Eliot disagreeing]? Is that going to continue throughout the season?

“[Laughs] Eliot can’t stand Hardison with the restaurant. I mean, he loves Hardison as his boy, but he doesn’t think Hardison has a clue of how to run a restaurant, so Eliot and Hardison constantly get into it about that, and we have fun throughout the season going back and forth.

There’s a great episode specifically about the restaurant business called ‘The French Connection Job,’ where you get to see Eliot’s true passion for the kitchen, and it’s not that Hardison doesn’t know anything about the kitchen. He’s very aware; he understands this business…he knows what he’s doing in business. It’s just he’s an innovator, so he’s trying all these new things that Eliot just really doesn’t understand. Hardison’s a little new school, Eliot’s a little old school, and we’ll see where they meet in the middle.”

“Leverage” continues Sundays at 8 p.m. on TNT. What are you hoping to see in “The French Connection Job”?

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