Leverage Sneak Peek: Why Does Adam Baldwin Need the Team?

Saturday, Sep 15, 2012
By Adam Bryant, TV GUIDE
Published 11:35 a.m., Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunday’s two-hour Leverage midseason finale features a heavenly guest star in Angel’s Adam Baldwin, but all hell may be about to break loose.

Exclusive: Leverage hosts an Angel reunion

As we first reported, Baldwin will reunite with his Angel co-star Christian Kane to play Col. Michael Vance, an ex-Army Ranger who now runs a government counter-terrorism unit. As you can see in the exclusive sneak peek below, Vance knows quite a bit about our team of cons. So what’s he doing hanging out with them?

It turns out Vance is the kind of guy who often ruffles the feathers of his fellow intelligence-community bureaucrats with his unorthodox methods. But his actions have finally caught up with him, leaving him without a team just as he learns a terrorist attack is imminent in Washington, D.C. Can Vance recruit Nate (Timothy Hutton) & Co. to help him stop the attack? Watch the clip below to see his pitch.

Exclusive: Law & Order: SVU casts Adam Baldwin as Cragen’s replacement!

Leverage airs Sunday with back-to-back episodes beginning at 8/7c on TNT.


Source: SeattlePI

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