Quotes from New Interview with Beth Riesgraf about Parker & Hardison

Wednesday, Sep 5, 2012

Great new Crave interview with Beth had some little tidbits about Parker & Hardison:


CraveOnline: What are some of this season’s great Parker moments?
Beth Reisgraf:Well, this season, I think fans are going to be excited to see Parker and Hardison’s relationship in full bloom. They’re finally together and openly together so that’s really cool. I think it’s fun. It’s not over the top, it’s not forced down anyone’s throat but I think at the same time, people have been expecting something and I think frankly they would’ve been upset if we hadn’t gotten to it.

So yeah, there are developments there between those two. It’s mostly she’s kind of come to the place where she’s socially adapted to situations she could’ve never handled before so this season you’re seeing her comfort within the team, within her relationship with Hardison and you kind of get the sense that she’s still got that dangerous edge and she’s never going to be predictable, thank goodness. You see that maybe if she was on her own, she’d be okay at this point so that’s what she’s been up to.


CraveOnline: With the relationship with Hardison, did you foresee that relationship in the beginning? How early did you have a sense there were sparks there?
Beth Reisgraf: I mean, I suppose you always sort of get an inkling based on something early on, what they’re foreshadowing. In the pilot it really could have gone a few different ways really. I think obviously we knew Nate and Sophie were going to be together, but I thought there could be something there definitely. I also thought if they put those two characters together too soon it could get boring really fast.

So I like the fact that they’ve let this thing stew for a few seasons between Parker and Hardison. In the meantime there’s been this great dynamic that’s developed between all the characters. Even Parker and Elliot have a very special bond that’s unique to those two. So I kind of sensed it right off the bat but at the same time I thought, “Well, it could go the other way too.”
CraveOnline: What is Parker like as a girlfriend?
Beth Reisgraf: I’m happy to say that their relationship has not affected the dynamic of the team. I can’t really speak for Aldis [Hodge] but I do know that that was one thing that was important to me, to not let it turn into some average normal sort of cutesy relationship and I know the writers didn’t want that either, because they are who they are.

Just because they’re now sort of in a relationship doesn’t mean that they’re going to suddenly be acting differently around the team. It’s been really fun because we’ve had little moments to kind of play with it. She’s a good girlfriend. Like her sense of adventure in what a date should be like is much different than Hardison’s as you’ll see. I think that’s part of the fun of it. They’re like yin and yang in a way.
CraveOnline: So they do go out on dates?
Beth Reisgraf: Yeah, you’ll see an episode that sort of addresses that and the different approaches they have to that.

Source: Crave

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