Aldis previews ‘Leverage’ season 5 finale: ‘There’s a lot of risk’

Friday, Dec 21, 2012

December 20, 2012



Leverage‘s” season 5 finale, “The Long Goodbye Job,” could be the series’ last, and when we talked to Aldis Hodge recently about what to expect, he wouldn’t reveal much.

Leverage Examiner: At the end of “The Toy Job,” Nate (Timothy Hutton) is the first to speak up, and we don’t hear anyone else’s secret. What do you think the others would’ve said?

Aldis Hodge: “I don’t know, that’s a hard one to really go at because everybody has so much more that they’re still revealing about themselves, like we just learned about Eliot and his pop. I think Hardison, if anything, would’ve probably revealed a little bit more about his upbringing, maybe, maybe somewhere from his past with his Nana, who I’ve been told by John Rogers, if we get a sixth season, we’ll actually get to meet Nana finally, so that would be awesome. I think Hardison might delve deep into why he is the way he is from something that happened in his past.”

So far we know that the season finale involves a case linked to Nate’s son’s death. How is that going to affect the team and their relationships going forward?

“We’ve seen how Nate gets in the past, when it comes to dealing with his issues, his past issues with his son, that whole situation. …He gets a little bit out of control, and of course things escalate to a scale from one to like a hundred in 0.2 seconds. As far as what it does to the team, all I can say is that it definitely brings us a lot closer. It forces us to answer a few questions that we would’ve rather left unanswered otherwise. But it also brings new beginnings for certain things, so for the audience, I think they’re going to be pleasantly surprised. It’s an emotional roller coaster. There may be a few tears, but there’s definitely going to be some love. People are definitely going to love it. They’re going to like where we take them. They’re going to like where we go with this.”

The synopsis for the season finale also states that it’s going to be “their riskiest and deadliest con.” Is it going to get as bad as it sounds?

“Well, that’s exactly what I mean. There’s a lot of risk. It’s a very emotional show, emotional in the best way. It takes the team in a place that we haven’t gone before. The audience has never seen this before ever, so I think that it’s going to punch a little bit. It’s a really big bang because every season finale, we try to figure out how do we raise the bar a bit? How do we keep going up and how do we keep exciting our audience and our fans and giving them that same good old “Leverage” but just another level up. I think we do that, and our writers, John Rogers, Chris Downey, I think they did so superbly with this script. I really can’t talk about it. Obviously, I’m beating around the bush a little bit. I can’t give you facts, all I can say is watch it because it’s going to be awesome. There’s going to be laughter and tears and smiles and cries and all that good stuff. The audience is going to dig it. You all might be mad at us for a little bit because we play some tricks on you all, but then again, we’re “Leverage,” we do what we do.”

Can you say anything about what brings Mark Sheppard back?

“I can tell you absolutely nothing about that.”

If there isn’t a sixth season, does season 5 end in a way that leaves fans satisfied or will there be a lot of anger?

“I believe fans will be satisfied but I think regardless, fans, if there isn’t a sixth season, regardless of how we leave off the show… I think they’ll be satisfied with the episode, but not with the result because of the pouring of support that they’ve given us through the years, especially through these last few months of not knowing. I haven’t received this much attention…I haven’t seen it with the show this much in all five years other than right now because they’re left on the hook and they really want to know and they really want to get that sixth season. I’ve traveled a little bit overseas, I was in New Zealand and Australia for a little bit, and even over there, they’re asking me. Every time somebody sees me, the first question is, ‘When is there a sixth season?’ So to be honest, you know, no matter how the show ends, I don’t think the fans will be satisfied if they do not get a sixth season. They’ll like the show, they’re going to be happy with it, and trust me, we’ve done our job to make them happy, but I think that they’re still going to want a sixth season regardless of how we go.”

But does it wrap up the storyline or will there be a cliffhanger?

“I can’t say that.”

“Leverage” season 5 airs its finale, “The Long Goodbye Job,” Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. How do you think it will end?

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