‘Leverage’: Aldis Hodge on Hardison and Eliot, a tough con, and People’s Choice

Monday, Dec 3, 2012

 This episode has spoilers!

December 1, 2012


With the remaining “Leverage” season 5 episodes now airing, we talked to Aldis Hodge on Friday, Nov. 30. In the first part of the interview, check out what he had to say about a scene from last week’s “The Low Low Price Job,” what’s coming up in “The White Rabbit Job,” and “Leverage’s” People’s Choice nomination for Favorite Cable TV Drama.

Leverage Examiner: We’re used to laughing during scenes with Hardison and Eliot (Christian Kane), but in the last episode that aired, it was the complete opposite with Eliot speaking about his father. Was it different filming that?

Aldis Hodge: “It wasn’t really different. Me and Kane, we’ve been tag teaming for so many years now that we kind of get each other, and when it comes to different elements of scenes for those two characters, we’re kind of hungry, so we were excited when it came to that scene. But, we’ve been trying to touch on that this entire season, to make Hardison and Eliot a bit more profound in their respect for one another. We want to pronounce that a little bit more to the audience, let people know that these guys really are brothers in arms. It’s no more of that childish, kiddy stuff, picking at each other all day; we actually like each other now. So to have a touching moment for them, they kind of earned it to this point, and as actors, Kane and I, we appreciated that. We just—we were going for it. It’s similar to that scene up in “The Rundown Job” where Eliot is telling Hardison that, you know, he’s the smartest guy he’s ever known, we gotta go get these guys, yadda yadda. This whole season, they’ve really just been building on their respect for one another, so that’s kind of been the plan for us. That’s kind of all just right perfectly in our game plan, for me and Kane. So it was absolutely what we wanted.”

This Tuesday’s episode is “The White Rabbit Job,” which was one of my favorite episodes because it shows how this team can do pretty much anything. Was your reaction similar to Hardison’s when you learned that the plan was to steal a man’s dreams?

“Well, me at first, I just thought I don’t know how we’re going to do this. But it was pretty cool, and I still have yet to see the episode in full, so I’m excited to see it, but I was really wondering how we were going to pull this off …but we have a good team and I always feel like we’re in good hands with them, so when it came down to actually shooting it, I was like, ‘Alright, this makes sense, I get it now.’ And once again Hardison is awesome, so, hey, I’m happy.”

Hardison seems to be able to do pretty much anything. Is there anything he can’t do or hack in some way?

“The thing about it is, what Hardison has done with the hacks and all that kind of stuff, our writers and our producers research to make sure this stuff can actually be done or has been done and pretty much whatever he does is possible, maybe not in the same time frame, because we only have 42 minutes, 45 minutes, but most of the hacking that goes on with Hardison is plausible, so I think that the man just knows his business and he knows what he does well and he just gets in there and he does it.”

I know everyone’s really rooting for the People’s Choice, everyone’s voting like crazy…

“That would be awesome. That would be amazing. The fact that we’re even nominated is amazing because I mean, there’s God knows how many shows out there. I think there’s a ton of shows out there, a few of them are entertaining. I think there’s a small handful of good dramas, especially on cable. Cable usually brings out of most of the good dramas. I think cable commands most of the good dramas…because they are able to take so many more chances and risks a lot more, so the fact that we’re up there nominated for a People’s Choice, that’s amazing because it shows the true passion that our fan base has for us because, like I said, there are so many options and we’re one of the top five. I don’t even care about winning. The fact that we were nominated is the win for me because it really shows how deeply dedicated our fans are and it couldn’t come at a better time because, you know, shoot it’s the holidays. That’s my Christmas present right there.”

“Leverage” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT. Stay tuned for more from our interview with Aldis Hodge over the next few weeks as season 5 continues.

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