Leverage – Upcoming season 5 finale may be the series finale, says showrunner

Thursday, Dec 6, 2012



In the name of proper closure, the writing staff of TNT’s Leverage has written this month’s season 5 finale as if it is the heist show’s very last episode. Still waiting to find out whether the show will be renewed for a sixth season, showrunner Dean Devlin and his team decided to go forward with writing and producing the series finale they had had planned since starting the show.

Devlin announced this news in an open letter to fans published on Leveragefans.com today. Read a portion of it below:

As of the writing of this letter, we still do not know if there will be a season six of our show.  Just as we didn’t know when we created the last three episodes which are about to air.  Because of this uncertainty, John Rogers and I decided to end this season with the episode we had planned to make to end the series, way back when we shot the pilot.  So, the episode that will air on Christmas is, in fact, the series finale we had always envisioned.

This is not to say we would not do a season six should we get the opportunity. Everyone involved with the show, from the cast, the crew, the writers and producers, would like nothing more than to continue telling these stories.  But, in case we do not get that opportunity we felt that, creatively, after 77 episodes, we owed it to you, our fans, to end the show properly.

Three episodes remain in Leverage‘s fifth and potentially final season. The holiday-themed finale will air on Christmas Day and features the return of Mark Sheppard as the team’s nemesis, insurance investigator-turned-Interpol agent Jim Sterling.

Source: EW

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