Leverage’s Aldis Hodge: Parker and Hardison are ‘each other’s home’

Sunday, Dec 16, 2012

December 15, 2012


The fifth season of “Leverage” is almost over, and the fact that the show’s future is hanging in a balance is something that we discussed with Aldis Hodge, who plays hacker Hardison, in a recent interview. You can check out part one of that interview here.

Leverage Examiner: As you filmed these last episodes of season 5, was there a sense on set that they could be the last ones of the show?

Aldis Hodge: “Yeah. I mean, we still don’t know about what’s happening next year, but you know it’s like that every year when you—you really never can tell. The world of TV is crazy, it’s the wild, wild west. Definitely without the assurance of another season, we kind of felt like, ‘Alright, this may be it, so let’s give it our all.'”

Something I’ve noticed about Parker [played by Beth Riesgraf] and Hardison now that they’re together is that it seems very natural and relatively drama-free.

“I think that the reason they don’t have drama with one another is because they’ve been together so long as friends and they kind of know each other, but they live in such a drama-filled world. They live a drama life with the jobs they do, things like that. They are each other’s resolve. They’re each other’s way of relaxing from the day job and I think that’s what a relationship should be. You know, you come home from a hard day at work, you want to go see your little lady, and you want to look at her and feel like, ‘Oh, thank God.’ You don’t want to escape, you don’t want to avoid her all day, you want to come home, enjoy your time with your lady and relax and chill. So I think that the reason they’re so good together is just because they know what they’re doing on a daily basis and how crazy that is, and they understand that there’s something to be appreciated when you have a sense of security, when you have a sense of home, and that’s what they are to one another. They are each other’s home.”

I know online, everyone’s saying, ‘We want a sixth season,’ and ‘when are we going to hear about it?’ So hopefully…

“We still don’t know. We still don’t know, but the thing is, it’s still up in the air, so there’s a chance, and if it happens, that would be amazing, especially for our audience, because they’ve been riding with us so loyally for so long, and we want to give our audience another one, because we don’t feel like we’re done, we don’t feel like we’ve given our audience enough yet. So we’re ready, and if that answer comes down the right way, we’re coming back at you next year with something a little bit harder.”

What’s your favorite gadget of Hardison’s?

“My favorite gadget of Hardison’s is probably the EMP gun that we did in the episode with the racecars and such. I have a bit of an issue with really bad drivers, and I think it would be awesome to have a real EMP gun; just somebody cuts me off, zap them a little bit, shut down the car for a few minutes. …Somebody has a little road rage or rushes me, you know what I’m saying, just boom, EMP gun, and solve the problem right then and there. I don’t have to say anything, I don’t have to get rude, I don’t have to yell. Just boom, EMP, I’m good to go.”

What have been some of your favorite characters to play for a job over the five seasons?

“Well, in “The Three Days of the Hunter Job,” the crazy, war veteran that I played, he was a lot of fun. “The Ice Man Job,” that character was a lot of fun. Playing the younger Danny Glover in “The Van Gogh Job,” that was a lot of fun because I got to play outside of Hardison for quite some time. When we were dealing with Damien Moreau and I was a bit of a French guy, trying to run a deal with him, and then eventually I got my butt kicked by them, that was a lot of fun. I loved that series of sequences. There’s a lot of characters that we’ve played that have been pretty—oh, and Timmy from “The Scheherazade Job,” the timid violin genius, that was pretty awesome. I got to flex my skills a little bit differently in that one.”

Stay tuned for the final part of this interview, which will include some teases about the season finale—which could be the series finale—and don’t forget to tune in to “Leverage” Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on TNT.

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