A few standouts in the 2013 television pilot season!

Friday, Mar 22, 2013


Michiel Huisman in Treme

Michiel Huisman (Image Credit: HBO)

The Sixth Gun

NBC is heading out west with its pilot order of The Sixth Gun, based off the best-selling Oni Press graphic novel of the same name. The story follows the tale of six mythical guns, each with its own incredible powers. When the most powerful and dangerous Sixth Gun manages to find its way into the hands of a young girl, Becky Montcrief (Ruins star Laura Ramsey), her life is threatened by evil men thought long dead. Drake Sinclair (Nashville‘s Michiel Huisman), a gunslinger, is the only thing standing in their way.

Aldis Hodge (Image Credit: TNT)

Aldis Hodge (Image Credit: TNT)

I’m going to be shallow for a moment and say that the part I’m most excited for in this pilot is the appearance of Leverage alum Aldis Hodge, who is set to play Agent Mercer, a PI in search of the missing guns. I’ve missed Hodge and his smile since the TNT drama ended in December, so I’m eagerly awaiting his television return.

I also think it’s high-time that NBC took another stab at the supernatural fever that has taken over Hollywood in recent years.

Source: The Daily Quirk

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