‘The Sixth Gun’ NBC TV western pilot to film in New Mexico

Thursday, Mar 14, 2013

March 6, 2013



According to the ‘Albuquerque Journal: Santa Fe North’ newspaper on Mar. 5, 2013. A new NBC TV drama pilot called, “The Sixth Gun” will be filming at New Mexico in March & April of 2013. The production will shoot in the cities of Santa Fe, Galisteo, Las Cienega & Abiquiu. This TV pilot is of one of 11 dramas plus 16 added comedies that might be chosen for the 2013 Fall TV line up at NBC. The 5 major networks have slated more than 95 TV pilots which have already begun production in Los Angeles & around the U.S. “The Sixth Gun” production could employ in the state over 100 crew members, 20 principal actors plus more than 400 Background Extras. This TV show is of course part of the ‘western’ genre & might include Native Americans as part the casting process.

Source: Examiner
The ‘Screen Actors Guild’ (SAG) & the ‘American Federation of Television and Radio Artists’ (AFTRA) unions have merged. It will help both union actors & actresses get hired for TV pilot season each spring year. For many years – SAG & AFTRA were on opposite channels where producers & show-runners hired from one union or the other. AFTRA had produced more TV pilots in the last few years with their roster of acting talent. The merger was voted on by members of both unions so that the pool of acting talent can come from one joint union which is now SAG/AFTRA.

As the competition for TV viewership continues against the internet. The 5 major networks are creating a lot more TV pilots. 152 TV pilots were produced in the 2011-12 TV season. The TV audience had dwindled for scripted dramas & comedies which have not lasted long on several of the network schedules. Creating a popular hit TV show is the key especially for NBC that has recently fallen to 5th place among all the networks.

According to the official website of the “Hollywood Reporter” below is the breakdown of the NBC drama TV Pilot “The Sixth Gun.”

Logline: Based on the best-selling ‘Oni Press’ graphic novel – this supernatural Western follows the story of six mythical guns – each with its own other-worldly powers.

Cast: Laura RamseyGraham McTavishAldis Hodge – W. Earl Brown – Pedro Pascal – James LeGros – Chin Han.

Team: W. Ryan Condal – EP/showrunner Carlton Cuse (Lost) – EP Eric Gitter – Andy Borne.

Studio: Universal Television – Oni Press

Location: New Mexico


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