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Saturday, Jul 30, 2011


After the Season 4 Leverage Live Chat with Beth Riesgraf, they both answered questions on Twitter too. Then Aldis started answering questions weekly on Twitter on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Please keep in mind that due to 140 character restrictions on Twitter some of these are in chat language. Also, the inability to RT or look at private tweets, some of the questions are missing.



July 17th – Leverage chat

Needs to be transcribed


  • July 17, 2011– after Levchat – transcribed by marialba

Yo people, me and @BethJRiesgraf are about to go live – send your livechat questions our way! We’ll continue to answer questions during the live showing of the episode.
Q: @ioana_vg: “You’re the youngest member of the Leverage team, right?”
A: yes indeed. I’m 24 and diggin it.

Q: @rikkisixx: “if they ever decide to write the Parker meets Nana episode, who should play Hardison’s Nana?”
A: my momma!

Q: @mmGood1200: “—??? What is Sophie’s real name ???”
A: don’t know. Producers won’t even tell me

Q: @SkeetMyTweets: “What has been your favorite episode so far?”
A: tonight’s episode – the van gogh job

Q: @canadagraphs: “any chance your crew can steal us Canadians a TV stn so we can watch new episodes? tired of DL them afterwards”
A: we’d love to air in Canada – let you stations know we love our fans out there too

Q: @SkeetMyTweets: “What direction would you like some of your co-stars characters to go?
A: don’t know yet – I’ll get back to ya on that one

Question missing.
A: @wemc1970: don’t know yet, but we’d love to come back

Q: @jay4now: “is the chemistry among the cast as real and as enjoyable as it appears on this side of the tube. Geeksrule”
A: absolutely. That’s what makes things work so well for us

Q: @SkeetMyTweets: “What real world problem(s) would you like to see the Leverage team to fix?”
A: poverty, illiteracy, child abuse, etc… That’s a very long list

Q: @Melheck: “do you guys have as much fun making the show as it looks? Love Leverage!”
A: of course – we’re lucky to have a hobby for a job

Q: @itsHellenHou: “Well,I’d like to know the romance between Hardison and Parker, what do you guys think about it”
A: I think it’s right where it needs to be.

Q: @SkeetMyTweets: “What location(s) would you like to see the Leverage team hit next?”
A: Hawaii, Fiji, Grenadines, Antigua. Don’t care just as long as it’s an island

Q: @SkeetMyTweets: “Do you support a full length Leverage movie sometime in the future?”
A: could be fun – I’d be down

Q: @erier2003: “Are you a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, or any of the other geeky stuff that Hardison likes?”
A: I was more star trek than star wars when I was a kid – always have been a big comic book and video game fan though

Q: @SkeetMyTweets: “Who is the biggest diva on set?”
A: hahaha

Q: @Leighace: “Could you give us a “Age of the geek, baby!” please? :)”
A: dang, saw this too late, but “Age of the Geek baby!”

Q: @itslike_youknow: “Did you pronounce ‘pretzels’ as ‘prentzels”? Cuz that’s how I say it & I get ragged on by my friends.”
A: I say pretzels, but I can get with it… Prentzels. It’s got a ring to it

Q: @freemdd: “Do you ever speak with ur natural dialect?”
A: yes indeedy. Depends on the scene

Q: @jennaMcquaid_: ”That´s what our TV was made for – #LEVchat with @Aldishodge02 and @BethJRiesgraf”
A: awesomeness!!!

Q: @GBellmansNo1Fan: “Who else got on skates (during filming or otherwise) while shooting tonight’s episode??”
A: wish I could have, but I probably would have broken a foot

Q: @tripinmidair: “is it okay that I really hated your character on Supernatural?”
A: absolutely fine. Everybody else does

Q: @ioana_vg: “did you got any injuries during the shooting?”
A: not at all – I’m invincible! Superman’s my cousin

Q: @super_kmac: “What tv show would you like to guest star in? that you haven’t already.”
A: #Entourage would be awesome to guest star on

Q: @zeba16: “Y heard that Aldis is a martial arts student, if yes, which martial art are we talking about? thanks!!”
A: Souther Shao Lin Kung Fu, Wushu, Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do, Capioera – I love martial arts!

Question missing.
A: @moronoron: @jonathansfrakes is awesome. One of my favs, but so is @jonrog1 and @Electric44

Q: @AliKat_7 “who’s a bigger geek in real life – @BethJRiesgraf or @Aldishodge02 ? :D”
A: @BethJRiesgraf of course. I’m too smooth, don’t you know. “Sexual Chocolate’s in the building! Wait, was that geeky???

Q: @LaTessa25: “How was it working with Danny Glover?”
A: absolutely incredible!

Q: @ccnt789: “I love christian but how is he the hitter when your arms look the way they do? You have to have a great punch.”
A: haha, thank you mama and my right hook is decent, but @ChristianKane01 can scrap too

Q: @Cellobean: “what was it like acting alongside Danny Glover?”
A: a once in a lifetime deal – it was great

Q: @zeba16: “in real life are you a martial arts student, if yes, which one do yo study. Myself im an Aikido and a Wing Chun Student!”
A: currently I’m studying wushu and kali

Q: @KoleyG: “what’s it been like working with Jonathon Frakes? huge fans of both shows!!”
A: @jonathansfrakes is a hoot. Always brings great energy to set – we’re shooting with him this week

Q: @MarvinGardens42: “What do you think are your CHARACTER’S favorite heists??”
A: hardison’s is probably the “Ice Man Job”

Q: @CatherinneD: “if you could shoot more episodes in other countries (or at least pretend xD) where would you like it to be? Love from Portugal”
A: Portugal, it is. Also spain, italy, australia, france, everywhere!

Q: @Jamie_Rose89: “What has been your favorite “Job” that has been pulled off on the show?”
A: the “Stork Job” where we saved orphan kids

Q: @Sam20Softball: “Will we ever learn Sophie’s real name? And does Parker have one? :)”
A: who knows – possibly a few years later on the series finale

Question missing.
A: @aetenae: definitely Don Cheadle

Q: @mynameissully: “i consider Hardison a badass”
A: dig it man

Q: @AliKat_7: “Was ‘Harker’ romance always in the plans or did your onscreen chemistry make that happen?”
A: I believe it was a concept that found it’s own life on screen. it was a concept that took on it’s own life as we progressed through the years

Q: @savory94: “it’s 2:10 am and im trying to get atleast a RT from @Aldishodge02 & @BethJRiesgraf”
A: whauddup

Q: @viresse12: “what Leverage episode did you have the most fun filming?”
A: the pilot – you never forget your first

Q: @siquigze: “What is your favorite quote by Hardison?”
A: Age of the geek baby

Q: @wickedcat68: “Are either of you two single?…hopefully…I LOVE sugar (Beth) and chocolate covered pretzels (Aldis)”
A: haha. Why, you wanna introduce me to someone

Q: @freemdd: “Votre français est tellement eleoquent!”
A: merci bocoup, mademoiselle

Q: @TweebaKane: “Will the replay of chat be availble? I couldn’ t stream the chat on old laptop?”
A: it will be available early this week on

Q: @viresse12: “are we going to see you play the violin again this season?”
A: hopefully

Q: @vickiegravitt: “of entire cast who has the most bloopers?”
A: snag the dvd and see for yourself haha

Question missing (I remember this one was something about what he thought about working with the excellent writer of The Boiler Rooom – which he wrote lol ~Kat)
@Fizzhogg really, Paul? Really??? Haha

Q: @tripinmidair: “Did you enjoy Sterling as an enemy? Or is he better as a frenemy?”
A: frenemy’s all right, but enemy’s better

Q: @unLisduChamp: “you mentioned your dogs in the chat. what kind of dogs do you have?”
A: yorkies. Their my buddies

Q: @IAkaniac1986: “has there been any scary situations that made u re think abouyt doing that part of the episode”
A: nope. I was all about this episode

Q: @itsHellenHou: “Thx 4 answering me!!It means really a lot 2 me!I am a fan from Shanghai,China..and pls forgive my suck English..Love u guys!”
A: thanks so much for supporting

Q: @karolsm13: “what do you do if you have free time between takes? you study his dialogues, made ??jokes, you just relax?”
A: I go back to work. Writing a script or designing a watch

Q: @ioana_vg: “is Christian Kane as scary and mean as his character?”
A: haha, not at all. He’s good people

Q: @lu_btos: “You’re amazing… I love violin… do you liked to play on #Leverage?”
A: yes indeed

Q: @erier2003: “Did you know French before this episode? You sounded pretty good just now!”
A: thanks. I do study french – knew some before we got into this episode

Q: @siquigze: “What was your favorite heist to film?”
A: think the pilot

Q: @naomiamore: “I wonder if @Aldishodge02actually speaks French. Sounded great just now”
A: thanks. I speak a little

Q: @tishabyte: “Are you ever going to have a good fight scene?”
A: you never know

Q: @siquigze: “Is filming Leverage every bit as fun as it looks?”
A: absolutely

Q: @j_stille: “ I didn’t think @Aldishodge02 could get any better. And then this episode happened…”
A: thank you so much momma

Q: @IAkaniac1986: “ so do you guys see hardison and parker going further in the future”
A: possibly

Q: @siquigze: Hardison is hilarious! Do you ever adlib your own lines?“
A: all the time. That’s the best part about my job

Q: @JAS1107: “@Aldishodge02 @ChristianKane01 U 2 just made my dad and I cry. My grandfather was a supply truck driver during WWII and he died b4 i was born. Thanks for giving my dad and I something to remember him.”
A: oh wow. Glad you’re enjoying the show

Q: @LadyLongLegz7: “what is it like to work together and what do you think about this blooming romance between Harrison & Parker”
A: it’s great working with my best friends and the “Harker” romance is blooming quite nicely

Q: @Aerilon452: “Out of all the Leverage eps that have been aired which one is you fave so far? U 2 r GREAT!”
A: this one

Q: @lynseywells: “Hey, sounds like you might be fluent in French irl – is that true? Either way, great accent! “
A: I’m getting there

Q: @damagedhearts: “what are you fave costumes you have worn throughout the series.”
A: this ep and fairy godparents job

A: (RT’d by Aldis)

Gotta run for now, but thank you all so much for tuning in to the show and logging on for the chat. I love all of yall

July 20, 2011

Aldishodge02: Because of #Nostabbingwednesdays I think I’ll start my own Wednesday tradition. #10onWen! I’ll answer the first 10 questions 2day.

Aldishodge02: Any subject. Go!

Needs to be done

Unfortunately that’s 10 answered and I have to go back to set now, but there will be #15Fridays. 15 questions on Fridays. See you then!


  • July 22, 2011 – transcribed by Depoetic

Aldishodge02: Yes indeed it is #15friday 1rst 15 ??? will be answered and @Ginabellman is in on the action too so hit her with your ???

Q – gypsyleonie: @Aldishodge02 ah that’s right! #15Fridays! Do you have a Role Model, who is it and why? Thanks again for doing this!
A – @gypsyleonie My role model is my mother. Strongest smartest person I know

Q – AliKat_7: @Aldishodge02 Don’t forget #15Fridays Whose life story would you like to star in (besides Jackie Robinson since we know you liked that idea)
A – @AliKat_7 any life story I’d like to do? Sam Cooke… nuff said

Q – DeeKaye2010: @Aldishodge02 You’re such a funny guy. Would you like to do more comedy roles in future? Which is easier, comedy or drama? #15Fridays
A – @DeeKaye2010 comedy and drama are equally difficult, but I want my career flooded with many comedic and dramatic roles.

Q – OnlyPriyaM: @Aldishodge02 what made you choose acting as a career?
A – @OnlyPriyaM I didn’t choose it. Acting chose me

Q – thisjanedoe: @Aldishodge02 About a year ago, I heard you mention wanting to design infrastructure for water/power to villages in Africa. Still on it?
A – @thisjanedoe certainly some day in the future

Q – @SkeetMyTweets: @Aldishodge02 Are you in any talks to star on the big screen sometime in the future?
A – @SkeetMyTweets don’t know, but I hope someone’s talking! I’m ready for the big screen!!!

Q – Cerebellum417: @Aldishodge02 @Ginabellman Is it against the law to have all of the new episodes on DVR but not watched them yet? Feels criminal…
A – @Cerebellum417 yes it is criminal!!! Haha. Watch em – catch up

Q – SkeetMyTweets: @Aldishodge02 Who would you love to see guest star as a villan?
A – @SkeetMyTweets John Travolta would be a great villain

Missing Q…
A – @chim0m I love doing voice work. Any time you can go to work in your pajamas you’re living the good life!

Q – @kynslayer: @Aldishodge02 fave thing to cook?
A – @kynslayer love cooking seafood. Lobster, shrimp, crab, scallops… Anything from the ocean

Q – m_h_w: RT @Aldishodge02 How do you spend your time when you’re not working?
A – @m_h_w I’m always working!

Q – itsmimbsy: @Aldishodge02 @Ginabellman have you guys saved any souvenirs from favorite episodes?
A – @itsmimbsy I’ve only saved the cast chair sleeve with my name on it. I’ve always wanted one of those

Q – wendybiird: @Aldishodge02 What’s your fav part of working on #Leverage ? #15Friday
A – @wendybiird that, though it’s very hard work, it’s not a job to me. It’s a great hobby where I do something new every day.

Q – Depoetic: @Aldishodge02 We supported an online poll a while back – so just wondering:if you were offered the role of Jacki Robinson – would you do it?
A – @Depoetic I would definitely take the Jacki Robinson role if it were offered. He’s got such a great story to tell

Alright, I’ve answered 15 for today. If I missed you, no worries. I see all tweets and I’ll try to catch you next week on #10onWen!


  • July 27, 2011 – transcribed by marialba


Alright, time for #10onWen, but this time we’re going to choose a subject. Let’s say… “Inspiration”. Go!

Q: @kimberlyFDR: “What inspires you in your watch designs? They all look really cool when you show them :)”
A: what inspires my watch design? Creating designs I have never seen before and trying to get people to tell time in unique ways

Q: @Chels_Denee: “What’s your Inspiration for your art?”
A: my inspiration for art? Life, really. It depends on what I’m going through at the time.

Question missing
A: @KansasPhoto: top 10 inspirational women that encourage me? My mom, my mom, my mom,my mom, my mom, my mom, my mom, my mom, my mom, my mom.

Q: @rulenumberseven: “What do you look to for inspiration when you’re feeling low/challenged?”
A: when I feel low I don’t look for inspiration. It has to just happen on it’s own. I just keep myself busy until it does

Q: @andrewsharp27: “Who inspired you to start acting?”
A: who inspired me to start acting? My brother @EdwinHodge did

Q: @madolynlocke: “What was your ‘inspiration’ for how you play Hardison?”
A: my inspiration for how I play Hardison? Comfort. I want him to be familiar enough to play for the next 10 years.

Q: @JordRa: “what are you working on?”
A: I’m filming Leverage right now.

Q: @kmoleary: “who do you take inspiration from for hardison’s character?”
A: No one – just me. Hardison is my project

Q: @OnlyPriyaM: “what inspires you to get upin the morning?”
A:  My life and my ambitions for the future. I love where I am right now

Q: @FaranC87: “How do you hope your actions inspire/teach people?”
A: I don’t aim to teach anyone, but if I do I hope they learn to be positive and giving, selfless and ambitious. And hopefully learn to love fully and freely

Alright, I do believe that’s 10 ??? answered today. See you friday for#15Friday


July 29, 2011

Got a lil break so I think we can bust out #15Friday, but someone has to throw out a topic first and I’ll choose. Any ideas?

Q: @PoetryNMySoul: “Just want to say i love Leverage and your character……. keep up the good work”
A:  thank you

Q: @OShister4: “when will your watches come out?”
A: soon hopefully. Haha. Just got the sample molding of one of em so soon

Q: @j_stille: “Favorite season?”
A: 1 and 4

Q: @Number6_JaneDoe: “What are you favorite books or authors to read?”
A: @paulocoelho is 1 of my fav authors and I read everything

Q: “@elleni_m: “yes! ok since I win, do I get a question too? If so..what’s your favorite time of day?”
A: Probably afternoon

Q: @Castiel5150:  “what is your favorite song?”
A: There are too many to tell. Sorry

Q: @NiceGoalEh: “What’s your favorite Hardison line thus far?”
A:”Age of the Geek”

Q: @DeeKaye2010: “Favorite ice cream flavor!”
A: hmm, was cookie dough for a while now I just like too many

Q: “@KaneLvr01: “Favorite food”
A: seafood!!! Lobster, crab, shrimp, halibut!

Q: @April02: “what is your favorite movie”
A: “The Professional”

Q: @emily_sharp: “Who’s your favorite fan? *slips a $20*”
A: ALL of ya! Haha

Q: @prekingmathers: “what is your favorite city and country ? :D”
A: haven’t been to enough places to know just yet, but NY is close

Q: @mizkarlenemarie:  “have spot to shop for clothes?”
A: Depends on the city I’m in, but usually Barney’s of New York

Q: @Donja34:  “favorite old school board game”
A: Chess and then Monopoly

Q: @twofourteen:  “Favorite shoes?”
A: I’m a shoe whore so… all of em!!!

Q: @c_rossover:  “Favorite book?”
A:  Right now, “I Am Nujood: Age 10 and Divorced” – tells a story about a very strong young woman

Q: @IsisY:  “What is your favorite room in your house?”
A: my office/design and paint studio

Q: @kanecarlsonfan:  “Fave cartoon character & why? ;)”
A: Mighty Mouse was the man! Reminds me of my childhood

Q: @auwekama: “what are your favorite shows? (besides leverage, of course)”
A: Modern Family, Entourage, Family Guy, Leverage!

Q: @pamperedfoodie:  “What has been your favorite con disguise?”
A: That’s tough – Ice Man

Q: @tonyabray120:  “Who are your favorite guest stars???”
A: @EdwinHodge, Danny Glover, Anne Marie Johnson, @JeriLRyan

Q: @maraudered:  “Favorite meal?”
A: Right now, crab leg sauté from Jake’s Crawfish

Q: @curtincall89:  “are you a fan of the NFL, if so what team?”
A: Can’t vouch for the NFL, but as for college teams – Longhorns!

Q: @kmoleary:  “favorite animal? :P”
A: my two dogs

Q: @SendingAllMyLuv:  “What’s your favorite episode of leverage?”
A: “The Van Gogh Job” and the upcoming “The Grave Danger Job”

Q: @Seeleysgirl:  “what’s your fave hobby?”
A: got too many, but designing is tops

Dang, I went overboard haha. #15Friday is complete, but I will see yall on wednesday for #10onWen


  • August 4, 2011  transcribed by Depoetic

Aldishodge02: Alright people. Timbers won – I’m good – #10onwen is in effect. Subject is “goals that have yet to be accomplished” Go!

Q: “@IsisY: @Aldishodge02 ok weird one… what type of food would you like to accomplish in cooking #10onWen i wanna make sushi”
A: duck confit

Q: “@flyinchick4859: if you weren’t an actor what would be your dream profession? #10onwen”

A: I’m already doing them – I have a few jobs

Q: “@maraudered: @AldisHodge02 Wonder of the world you want to see but haven’t?”

A: My yet-to-be-born kids

Q: “@Sara_1979: @Aldishodge02 Hmm… a goal you wanna accomplish OUTSIDE your acting career? #10OnWen”

A: help stop poverty

Q: “@maeamian: @Aldishodge02 What actor do you wish you could meet?”

A: Gary Oldman and Don Cheadle

Q: “@friedgreenhalos: @Aldishodge02 What piece would you love to be able to play on the violin?”

A: Songs I’ve composed for movies I’ve written

Q: “@Meow_Cakes: @Aldishodge02 what do you want to accomplish before your 50? #10onwen”

A: write and produce a successful film series

Q: “@freneticfloetry: @Aldishodge02 What aspect of Hardison’s story would you like to see told?”

A: His childhood

Q: “@Kpopiscandy: @Aldishodge02 Is there a director you want to really work with for an acting job?”

A: Paul Haggis

Q: “@AndrewMindful: @Aldishodge02 what non-entertainment industry individual would you like to meet? (Kind of an accomplishment)”

A: Obama

Q: “@twofourteen: @Aldishodge02 Any instruments you want to learn how to play?”

A: The violin which I’m learning now

Short live, but once again accomplished. Sorry, but #10onwen is done and done. See ya friday for #15friday!


  • August 6, 2011 –   transcribed by Depoetic

Aldishodge02: In lieu of missing #15friday! I’ll answer 20 questions just for today – subject: setting up and securing one’s future – GO!

Q: “@cjaded2010: @Aldishodge02 at what point is the loss of privacy, more important than the job u love?”

A: When it affects my family.

Q: “@AnnieYoda: @ameliamaney sorry 2 butt in, as a single mum who worked & studied, it’s hard but worth it”

A: my mom did it n she’s the best!!!

Q: “@MurseAnt Have any advice for eating right and exercise”

A: if you’re fat, be fat and happy – if you’re skinny, be skinny and happy haha

Q: “@juditagg Today if I … special character that you would like to play? heartfelt thanks. and + # 15Friday please ..”

A: A superhero!!!

Q: “@jennyleefromTN: @Aldishodge02 Biggest risk you took in setting up & securing your future was…”

A: Being an actor

Q:  Missing

A: @AngolanQueen Save save save. Prioritize your spending and know the difference between being able to “buy” sumthin or “affording” it.

Q: “@SkeetMyTweets: @Aldishodge02 What should you do if you’re not sure about your future (career wise)?”

A: Buckle down and make a choice

Q: “@Xayian: @Aldishodge02 ok, whats the 1st thing 1 should consider when setting up 1’s future? :0)”

A: security and happiness.

Q: “@SkeetMyTweets: what has been your biggest sacrifice you’ve had to make for your future?”

A: Anonymity! Privacy is lost in this world

Q:  Missing

A: “@titanpixydancer The one that makes you happy will always take care of you. I’m doing what I LOVE – I don’t work.

Q: “@ameliamaney: @Aldishodge02 any advice 4 a single mom who works full time and is putting herself thru school?”

A: It all pays off in the end.

Q:  Missing

A: @pinkgodzilla2 both desserts and long term planning always prevails over panic

Q: “@cheriemorte: @Aldishodge02 What moment do you think Hardison decided his future was in hacking?”

A: Probably the day he was born

Q: “@Laddercoins: @Aldishodge02 should I buy a two or four slot toaster for my new house?”

A: Haha, depends on how much you like toast, I guess

Q: “@madolynlocke: r u interested in working w up-and-comers who just don’t have A-list contacts?”

A: Certainly. Just wanna work with good artists

Q: “@prof500: How important is college for a person’s future nowadays”

A: As important as u make it-I think every1 should have at least sum college

Q: “@cjaded2010: @Aldishodge02 what type of roles in the future do u hope to play?”

A: Anything unusual – not standard or cliche

Q: “@schummar: @Aldishodge02 So where do you see yourself in 10 years?”

A: Producing films n running a successful time piece company

Q: “@monica426: @Aldishodge02 what did you want to be when you “grew up”?~Much Love~”

A: oceanographer, then a biochemist

Q: “@ZydrateFish: Shud I go bak to skool in spite of the fact that I’ve neva been a very gud student”

A: Depends on the purpose + outcome you want

Q: “@kmoleary: @Aldishodge02 what was key in getting you the acting career you have today?”

A: Having a great supportive family. Mom,bro,sis!!

Alright everyone, the question poll is closed – that’s 20 answered. See you on wednesday for #10onwen!!!

  • August 11, 2011 – transcribed by marialba


Missed #10onwen cause we were shooting till 3am! But I’ll knock out those questions today – subject is… Self-perception. Go!

Q: @safarimehari: “in your profession, how hard is it to separate how you see yourself vs how others see you?”
A: It can be very difficult because as an artist who’s personality is the art form you can take criticism personally at times. It’s best to just continually practice self confidence and be open to working on your craft for yourself and no one else.

Q: @Frank_Tuttle: “We know you add to Hardison’s character. Has any of Hardison rubbed off on you? If so, what? Has playing him changed you?”
A: not in the least. Hardison’s just a character – figment of my imagination. He’s not allowed to pop into my every day life

Q: @andymere2:  “Do you ever wish you were aesthetically different than you are? (Even though you are perfect as is.)”
A: At times I believe we’ve all felt that. Everyone feels ugly sometimes but you have to say “get over yourself”. We’re all made perfect and beautiful an if you’re not seen like that in the eyes of someone you want, it doesn’t matter so long as you are in your own eyes.

Q: @Depoetic: “You’re most kind to do this! #10onwen When you see vids from when you were a child – what do you see? Is that little boy still in the heart of the man we see today? When that child looked at the future, what did he see?”
A: yes I’m still the same guy. What I see is a small piece of my childhood recorded for me to go back to and appreciate

Q: “Which of the parts you played changed the way you look at yourself the most and how?”
A: None of them – this is what I love to do, but at the end of the day it’s not all that I am and it will not define who I am

Q: @AliKat_7: “What is something other people harsh on themselves for that you find so baffling or unneccessary?”
A:  Plenty of things, their looks or personality, etc… People should be happy and accept and love themselves. If you don’t how is someone else supposed to?

Q: @YouAreMyMusic:  “What gives you a feeling of accomplishment in life?”
A: Many things. Finishing a project, another season of leverage, a painting. Things like that, but most of all taking care of my family and making them smile.

Q: “@MeganMock: How do you deal with being in the public eye and making sure that the perception you have of yourself comes across accurately?”
A: this may sound harsh, but I take what people say with a grain of salt, I don’t read reviews about myself and I just worry about how satisfied I am with myself when it’s all said and done

Q: @JAS1107:  “what advice would u give a person who wants a relationship but doesn’t perceive themself as beautiful?”
A: Don’t get in a relationship! You can’t find your own beauty in someone else’s acceptance. Accept yourself. Until you can be good to yourself you can’t be good to anyone else. Love yourself!!!!

Q: @juditagg: ”OK … what tools you use to perceive the true character of the people you know? .. thanks x the effort. ;)”
A: well patience mostly. Don’t give trust to easy – make people earn it. If they are worthy they will show you.

Q: @nyxocity: “RE: self-perception: Are you content with yourself, or do you see yourself as a WIP?”
A: I think as humans we are constantly a work in progress, but I’m also very happy and content with who I am right now. Growth is a necessity and I’ll be happy growing to the next level in my life.

Q: @TheMichelleGrey:  “What do you do to maintain a positive and healthy self-perception?”
A: Keep good people around who actually care about you. Helps a lot in world full of people who are quick to tear you down.

Q: @nsane4kane: “What would you tell young people is the most important thing to do to reach good self-esteem?”
A: Know who you are, accept who you you are and love who you are. You don’t get very far in life without these things

Q: @spn_junkie_23:  “First off thanks for doing this. What is one of the things you like about yourself?”
A: Everything!!!

Alright people, I believe that’s 10 questions (maybe a little more) answered. See you for #15Friday!



  • August 17, 2011 –   transcribed by Depoetic

Yo, time for #10on Wen – subject is “The Grave Danger Job” – go!!!

“@LiquidSunnshine: @Aldishodge02 How was it acting how being burried alive? What did you do to prepare?” Didn’t do anything. It was just as normal as shooting any other scene on this crazy show haha

“@Aerilon452: @Aldishodge02 #10onWen how badly did you phreak out in teh coffin before they shot the scene?” Ha, that kind of stuff doesn’t bother me at all.

“@wesleyoso Did you really cry or were there fake tears?” No faking! Those were very real tears. It was a breakthrough 4 hardison so I wanted to be honest to scene for him.

“@DifferentAuthor are you claustrophobic? cause you played it really well…” Not at all. I dig small spaces for some reason

“@Depoetic: @Aldishodge02 Ok – #10onWen How did they create the effect of you in the coffin? Those cameras seem too big…” We used a real coffin for some shots. Then we built one and moved the sides or roof when we needed to.

“@RavenSkye86: @Aldishodge02 how was shooting the coffin scenes? I think I’d freak out” the coffin scenes were fun, quick and painless

“@janellealexandr: @Aldishodge02 were you really in an enclosed space??? epi was freaking awesome!” Yes indeed. I was

“@cjaded2010 how did you get in the state of mind you needed to do coffin scene?” Jus took a private minute to myself to reflect what the scene was about and what I meant then I got busy.

“@brittcook2010: @Aldishodge02 how was it having emotional scenes with @BethJRiesgraf throughout the show?” Great. She’s a pro and is always there for me on-screen when I need her to be.

Okay, back to shooting now. I’ll hit yall back in a minute

“@Curiouz0ne: @Aldishodge02 Are you claustrophobic in real life?” Nope. Not claustrophobic at all


  • April 11, 2012 – transcribed by Ali Kat

“@MACSTL: @AldisHodge what is your Favorite Episode so far?” They’re all great, but the first ep sets us up nicely – you’ll see what I mean

“@Lets_Go_BOND: @AldisHodge when does it start???” July 15th

“@nikki01902: @aldishodge Do you think this will be the best season yet?:)” Could be. So far it’s giving the other seasons good competition.

“@dapillow: @AldisHodge Any plans for @JeriRyan or @wilw to come back this season? #10onWen” I can’t reveal those secrets! Haha

“@pinkarmel: @AldisHodge are you anything like your character?” I’ve added my sense of humor to him. We share that.

“@JAS1107: @AldisHodge Will we get to see a Shirtless Hardison and Eliot this season? Pretty Please” haha, talk to @Electric44 about that.

“@agtspooky: @AldisHodge Favorite Hardison one-liner so far this season?” spoiler alert! I’ll answer that at the end of the season.

“@CandyMaize: Has Hardison already had to use an accent in a Con this season? If not, do you know if he will soon?” Yes indeed. Arabic

“@sunsetd: Are you happy with the season 5 scripts of #Leverage so far?” Our scripts are great. The writers never let us down.

“@Depoetic:Now that team IS in PDX, does the team get bothered by the weather?… #10onWen” Ha, definitely!


  • April 25, 2012 – transcribed by Ali Kat


@aldishodge Alright twitterverse, #10onWen is back this week. You know the drill – first 10 ??? get answered. The subject is “Literature”. Go!

“@courtney_bolton: @AldisHodge What book are you currently reading?” The Richest Man In Babylon

“@theandyman: @AldisHodge Do you get a lot of chances to read with your busy schedule? Tons of time in my trailer, in between shots, etc…

“@SvtHoff: @AldisHodge Fave book adaptation to movie? :)” haven’t read many books that made it to film except hunger games which I enjoyed

“@technicolour66: I love Shakespeare, genuinely. what’s your take on his stuff?” I get his theories but sometimes his cadence confuses me

“@courtney_bolton: What book would you like to see made into a film?” the one I plan on adapting to film. Can’t say what it is yet

“@MinnieInRed: @AldisHodge what is your all time fav book????” love the Alchemist, but it’s hard to say because I’m a book whore

“@Ladybug19: @AldisHodge Fan of fantasy novels?” my form of fantasynov coming up were comic books and graphic novels, but yes I am.

“@98WMTribe: @AldisHodge Favorite book you read in high school?” can’t say. I didn’t go to high school. I skipped it and hit college instead

“@Seeleysgirl: @AldisHodge have you ever read “To Kill A Mockingbird”? And is it a favorite” I’ve started it, but have not finished

“@PDaughter73: @AldisHodge Fave author, & why? should be easy enough, right? lol” Paulo Coelho has captured me the most thus far.

“@nathalie313: @AldisHodge do you like to read?? And if you do what kind of books do you read.” I read whatever I get my hands on….

@nathalie313 I literally go in bookstores and pick up random books to read not even knowing what they’re about. If it has words it gets read

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