2004 – The Cure for a Diseased Life

Thursday, Aug 6, 2020
Directed by: Ray Chang
Written by: Ray Chang
Produced by: Anthony Begonia
Production year: 2003-2004
Original release: October 26, 2004
Running time: 18 minutes
Other cast: David Matthew Brown, Michael Palma, Garz
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Robert Lee, a mild mannered thirty-something, leads a humdrum existence. His life is perfectly pre-planned, systematic, and routine. He doesn’t make waves and never speaks up. Things change when his doctor tells Robert that he has two weeks to live… and the only comfort he is able to find is a pamphlet describing his disease. His shock and self-pity quickly turns into a rampage. A boss is confronted. A friendship is tried. Seeing, looking and eating much differently, Robert’s life unfolds in unexpected ways as we take a journey to the other side of the river.