2014 – Caper

Thursday, Aug 6, 2020
Created by: Amy Berg, Mike Sizemore
Original Network:
Number of Episodes: 1 (that Aldis has starred in)
Production year: 2013-2014
Original release: 2014
Running time:
Other cast: Abby Miller, Beth Riesgraf, Hartley Sawyer
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Millionaire playboys who spend their money dressing up to fight crime? Pure fantasy – the truth is that today’s hard working superheroes rarely have much more than medals to show for their hard work, while a successful supervillain will be sitting pretty atop their ill-gotten gains. So this is the problem for a flat-sharing group of crime fighters, who save citizens everyday but get called deadbeats when they dodge another rent payment. With debts mounting, the fantastic foursome decide to temporarily turn bad in order to pull off a victimless (well, almost) heist and get some payback for all their hard work. Problem is, being villains isn’t as easy as it looks.

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