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Press/Gallery: Aldis Hodge Is Just Getting Started

Thursday, Apr 1, 2021

The actor’s breakout performance in ‘One Night in Miami…’ is the stuff of legend.

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HARPER’S BAZAAR: For his first-ever on-camera role, Aldis Hodge says he wasn’t exactly motivated by the pursuit of artistic excellence. “Honestly, I just did it for the toys,” Hodge recalls of modeling for a magazine when he was all of three years old.

Now 34, Hodge, who has been working steadily since his toddler years—with childhood appearances on Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live before making the rounds on classic prime-time series like ER, CSI, and Friday Night Lights—wants more out of his work. “This is gonna sound crazy, and stupid, maybe,” he says. “[But] I used to audition to impress the people in the room so I could get the job. Wrong reason.” Hodge changed his approach. “If I do the audition and I’m satisfied with what I did, then I won.” And new opportunities have materialized. Hodge’s portrayal of football star Jim Brown in Regina King’s critically acclaimed feature directorial debut, One Night in Miami … (now streaming on Prime Video), stands out among a solid-gold ensemble. The film, adapted by Kemp Powers from his 2013 play of the same name, offers a fictional reimagining of a real meeting that took place between four towering Black cultural figures amid the social and political upheaval of the 1960s: civil rights leader Malcolm X (played by Kingsley Ben-Adir); boxer Cassius Clay, a.k.a. Muhammad Ali (Eli Goree); singer Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.); and Brown, who used his platform as an athlete to become active in the movement for racial justice.

I like to tie myself to projects that have meaning beyond just the entertainment aspect.

King’s movie aims to explore the men behind the mythology. Most of the action plays out in a cramped Miami hotel room in the hours after Clay’s legendary 1964 fight with Sonny Liston, an upset victory for Clay that won him his first world championship title. A heated discussion on the state of race in America ensues. “We get to see human beings,” Hodge says. “Not the super titans we all grew up knowing and understanding. We get to see what built those super titans.”

In a movie full of outsize characters, Hodge’s Brown isn’t flamboyant. He’s pensive, at times even stoic. And, according to director King, Hodge’s restraint is what makes his portrayal so powerful. “Aldis understood the nuanced moments that were needed to play Jim,” King says. “I could see that he had tapped into Jim the first time I saw his tape and knew his performance could only get better. I also knew I needed an anchor, someone who could be a leader. I knew I would have that in Aldis.”

I knew I needed an anchor, someone who could be a leader. I knew I would have that in Aldis.
— Regina King —

Hodge taped his audition during lunch breaks on the set of last year’s sleeper hit The Invisible Man in Australia. When he got word that King wanted to speak to him, he got nervous. But what was meant to be a 20-minute phone call became a two-hour discussion about the kinds of conversations the film could provoke. “I thought this film had the potential to teach within my community of Black folks, to help us figure out how to talk with one another and how to deal with one another,” he says. “For the people who aren’t Black, hopefully it would help them figure out how to listen and translate what our fears are, so it’s not just a foreign language. It’s something they can understand.”

Born on the base at Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to parents who were U.S. Marines, Hodge was raised in Hawaii, New Jersey, and, later, Los Angeles, where he and his older brother, Edwin, both pursued acting as kids. (Younger sister Briana opted out of the biz.) Their young careers were shepherded by their mother, Yolette, whom Hodge describes as “a soldier through and through,” recalling how she fought to get her sons auditions. “Oftentimes she would look for roles and it would say, ‘looking for Caucasian only,’ ” he says. “My mom would submit us anyway.”

Hodge is now training to play Hawkman in the DC superhero movie Black Adam, opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His Showtime drama, City on a Hill, is about to air its second season. And he’s adapting the Chinese thriller Parallel Forest with Edwin and is set to direct for the first time. “I like to tie myself to projects that have meaning beyond just the entertainment aspect,” Hodge says. “Not every project will hit that mark for me, but when I can get that, it’s really—it’s like [winning] the lottery.”

Hollywood’s Next Generation Talk Acting, Style, and Overused Emojis

Thursday, Aug 4, 2016

They may be fresh on the scene, but the latest batch of Hollywood up-and-comers has a retro edge clearly on display in this time-traveling style portfolio.



VANITY FAIR – This crop of young talents has a sense of history—with such heroes as James Dean, Julie Christie, and Audrey Hepburn—not to mention a penchant for books and vinyl. While echoing the styles of decades past, from Rat Pack cool to madcap flair, they divulge their guilty pleasures, karaoke picks, emoji habits, and much more, for a group portrait of Generation Now.




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Aldis Hodge – The Renaissance Man

Wednesday, Mar 6, 2013
Aldis Hodge – The Renaissance Man

Aldis is in Luxury Report Magazine Vol 1 No 21. I’m not sure of the month of the release but its a new magazine or one that is coming out soon. There is copy of the cover (he’s not on the cover) in our gallery if anyone wants to find the magazine as well as the option to enlarge the print. Kudos to the mag for including our fansite as his website! 

Magazines > Luxury Report Magazine-Montreal Ed. Vol 1 No 21

Aldis Hodge - Luxury Report




Leverage: Final Episodes of Season Five Coming

Tuesday, Nov 20, 2012
Leverage: Final Episodes of Season Five Coming

Published:November 19, 2012


TNT has announced that the final five episodes of the fifth season of Leverage are set to kick off on Tuesday, November 27th. The final episode of the season is expected to air on Christmas night.

There’s no word on if the TNT show will be renewed for a sixth season or not.

TV’s Favorite Con Artists Prepare to Steal Christmas and More In Five All-New Episodes of TNT’s “Leverage”

Winter Episodes Begin Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

For five years, television’s coolest gang of con artists have used their unique skills to help level the playing field for people whose lives have been destroyed by the rich and powerful. This winter, things are going to get personal as TNT’s hit series Leverage returns with five brand new episodes. Academy Award(R) winner Timothy Hutton stars in this clever and compelling drama, along with Gina Bellman, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf and Aldis Hodge. Leverage is set to begin its winter run Tuesday, Nov. 27, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT), following an all-new episode of Rizzoli & Isles.

Leverage focuses on a team of five top-notch specialists out to give everyday people a helping hand against the machinations of corrupt bigwigs. Leading the crew is mastermind Nate Ford (Hutton), a former insurance investigator whose son died when his employer refused to pay for life-saving surgery. Sophie Devereaux (Bellman) is the team’s resident grifter, a brilliant con artist who shares a long and complicated history with Nate – both professionally and romantically. Eliot Spencer (Kane) provides muscle as the team’s bone-crunching retrieval specialist with a passion for gourmet cooking and a soft spot for the underdog. Gadget and technology wizard Alec Hardison (Hodge) provides the team with everything from communications and video surveillance to target dossiers and virtual environments, rarely getting the credit he feels he deserves. And Parker (Riesgraf) is the team’s thief, a slightly off-center charmer who gets giddy at the thought of rappelling off a building or cracking an unbreakable safe.

With the rallying cry, “Let’s go steal a…,” Nate and his team set out each week to tackle corrupt executives, politicians and other big shots by taking something they hold dear. The team has since “stolen” everything from an airplane to a baseball stadium. They’ve even stolen a country. And this winter, they’re going to steal something they’ve never gone after before: a man’s dreams.

Winter will also pit the Leverage crew against the ruthless manager of a discount store whose tactics threaten not only her employees but also the town itself. They’ll target a corrupt winery owner whose workers are collapsing. And in a special holiday episode, the team will try to steal Christmas in order to prevent an unscrupulous toy company CEO from unleashing a dangerous product into the market. In addition, the team will once again face their nemesis, insurance-investigator-turned-InterPOL-agent Jim Sterling (guest star Mark Sheppard).

With each and every case they handle, Nate, Sophie, Elliott, Hardison and Parker prove themselves to be more than just a league of extraordinary con artists. They are a family. But in Leverage’s gripping season finale, the bond that holds this family together could be torn apart permanently with an extremely risky case involving the death of Nate’s son.

Since premiering in 2008, Leverage has been a solid hit, averaging more than 3.8 million viewers in its fifth season, with 1.4 million adults 18-49 and 1.7 million adults 25-54. Leverage is executive-produced by Dean Devlin (Independence Day, TNT’s The Librarian movie series) and creators John Rogers (Transformers) and Chris Downey (The King of Queens). The series is produced for TNT by Devlin’s Electric Entertainment.

Leverage Star Aldis Hodge: Sofia Vergara is the Hottest Woman on TV!

Saturday, Jul 21, 2012
Leverage Star Aldis Hodge: Sofia Vergara is the Hottest Woman on TV!

Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 10:30 AM ET

Leverage Star Aldis Hodge: Sofia Vergara is the Hottest Woman on TV!

In this week’s Star Review, Leverage star Aldis Hodge explains why Sofia Vergara is the hottest woman on TV, what TV shows he can’t miss, and more!

Who’s hot on TV:
“Sofia Vergara. Face, figure, accent, talent…’nuff said.”

The TV shows I can’t miss:
“I’m pretty stuck on Iron Chef and Chopped. I love the culinary world, and I enjoy seeing those people create edible art.”

The best movie I’ve seen lately:
“Avengers. It was exciting and funny when you’d least expect it. If only they’d introduce an Avenger in the sequel named Black Panther. I know the perfect actor to play him — hint, hint!”
Aldis stars on TNT’s Leverage, returning July 15 at 8 p.m.

Photo credit: TNT
Source: Life & Style Magazine