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Press: ‘Leverage’ Cast Reunites for Table Read Ahead of Revival Series

Thursday, Aug 6, 2020

TV INSIDER – They’ve successfully stolen a revival, and it’s all coming together.
As was previously announced, IMDb TV is reimagining the TNT crime drama Leverage, with original stars Beth Riesgraf (thief Parker), Gina Bellman (grifter Sophie Deveraux), Christian Kane (hitter Eliot Spencer), and Aldis Hodge (hacker Alec Hardison) all returning as their characters alongside new cast member Noah Wyle. And with the first table read comes a look at the stars reunited and a few teases about what to expect.

Bellman posted a photo of herself with the rest of the returning cast members, all wearing masks. “STAY SAFE,” she wrote alongside it. “Protect others and take care of your gang!”

Kane shared a photo of himself and Hodge on August 1 with the caption, “The boys are back in town… the boys are back in towhowaahahaan. the boys are back. Oh and a couple of girls you may know and love. It’s real people.”

Original series creator John Rogers (back as a consulting producer with co-creator Chris Downey) was the one to note that they’d had the first table read on Twitter. “Completely surreal, everybody’s right back in the voices,” he wrote. “@BethRiesgraf @AldisHodge @ChristianKane01 and our old Librarian pal Noah — but you’re not ready for the heat @Ginabellman brings, people.”

In a follow-up, he added, “She pulled off the ‘I’m not sure this speech works I have to trust Gina’ moment and made the room tear up. So good to be working with actors who started off great 12 years ago and have only gotten better.”

In a subsequent tweet, Rogers answered a fan’s inquiry about Wyle’s new character with one word: “Conflicted.”

The series follows reformed crooks who use their unique skills to right the corporate and governmental injustices done to common citizens.

“While Leverage centered on a crusade to avenge the death of a child, this series is propelled forward as a redemption story of misdeeds that need amends,” returning executive producer Dean Devlin has teased.

Marc Roskin, Rachel Olschan-Wilson, and Kate Rorick will also executive produce.

The original Leverage premiered in 2008 and ran for five seasons.

Flashback Friday – Aldis On Losing the Best Butt Contest

Friday, Jan 2, 2015

Reader Wish List: 30 Actors From Cancelled Series You Want Back on TV Now!

Tuesday, Sep 3, 2013
Reader Wish List: 30 Actors From Cancelled Series You Want Back on TV Now!

May 31, 2013 02:01 PM PDT


Cancellation makes the heart grow fonder — at least that was the take-home message from the comments section of TVLine’s gallery titled “30 Actors from Recently Cancelled Series We Want Back on TV Now.”

Indeed, while you concurred that the future is bleak without the likes of Jasika Nicole, Sela Ward and Megan Hilty on your screens, you also weren’t shy about reminding us of the dozens of talented actors we should’ve included in our roundup.

And from your discontent, a new gallery was born: Behold, “30 Actors from Recently Cancelled Series YOU Want Back on TV Now!”

Click through the photos below to see which actors your fellow readers are already jonesin’ for, then hit the comments and share which series might be a good fit for their particular talents.


Aldis is #4 and Beth is #26!
Source: TV Line

The Leverage Cast and Creators Thank the Fans

Wednesday, Feb 20, 2013
The Leverage Cast and Creators Thank the Fans

‘Leverage’ wins People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama

Friday, Jan 11, 2013
‘Leverage’ wins People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama

Posted by LeverageFans on Jan 10, 2013

‘Leverage’ wins People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama

It wasn’t an easy holiday season for “Leverage” fans as news of the series’ cancellation came just days before Christmas (and the season finale), but as soon as the People’s Choice nominations were out and it was revealed that the TNT drama was up against “Burn Notice” on USA Network, “Pretty Little Liars” on ABC Family, “The Walking Dead” on AMC, and “White Collar” on USA Network, fans made sure their voices were heard—and the cast and crew knew it as well.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of #Leverage’s fanbase (the #Grifters), the now-cancelled TNT drama brought home the award for FAVORITE TV CABLE DRAMA. Not all results were aired on the show, but as soon as the full list of winners were posted online, the web went wild with congratulations! Leverage is now the first cancelled TV series to win a People’s Choice Award!

Congratulations to the cast and crew, and thanks to our amazing fans, without whom this would not have been possible!

source: Leverage Fans

‘Leverage’ wins People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama

Thursday, Jan 10, 2013
‘Leverage’ wins People’s Choice Award for Favorite Cable TV Drama

January 9, 2013



Not all of the results were aired during the People’s Choice Awards, but on Wednesday, Jan. 9, after the show ended on television, the rest of the results were posted online—and there was some good news for “Leverage” fans as the series took home an award.

It wasn’t an easy holiday season for “Leverage” fans as news of the series’ cancellation came just days before Christmas (and the season finale), but as soon as the People’s Choice nominations were out and it was revealed that the TNT drama was up against “Burn Notice” on USA Network, Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family, “The Walking Dead” on AMC, and “White Collar” on USA Network, fans made sure their voices were heard—and the cast and crew knew it as well.

The TNT drama starred Timothy Hutton as Nathan Ford, the mastermind, Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux (or whatever her real name is), the grifter, Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer, the hitter, Beth Riesgraf as Parker, the hitter, and Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison, the hacker. When we spoke to Hodge during the season, we had asked him about the People’s Choice nomination, he had said it “would be awesome” if they won and called it “amazing” that they were even nominated, calling that “a win” for him. Considering how passionate the “Leverage” fans still are even with the show cancelled—they’re hoping for a spinoff or another network to pick it up—is it any wonder that the series won a People’s Choice award?

Congratulations to the cast and crew—and the fans for voting like they did and it paying off—of “Leverage”!

Source: Examiner


Stars, creators and a couple of writer’s reactions:

Dean Devlin: #leverage won the People’s Choice Award! Thank you #Grifters. You Rule!!

Aldis Hodge: WE WONNNNNNN!!!! Our fans are the friggin BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love everysingle one of you sooo much. Thank you!!!!!


Dean Devlin: #Leverage has the greatest fans in the entire world! Still overwhelmed by the PCA win. I believe we’re the first canceled series to win.

Gina Bellman: YOU CRAZY CATS! #Leverage won the People’s Choice Award last night! You are epic!!!

Gina Bellman: You fans stole a People’s Choice Award! #Leverage 

Christian Kane: You guys made this happen. We won The People’s Choice Award. Thank you!!!!! Best fans in the world. U believe me now??? Thank you so much!!!!

Christian Kane: You!!! did this. Remember that. Thank you. I owe you guys so much.

Jeri Ryan (Tara): Congrats to my #Leverage buddies on winning People’s Choice Award! Think that’s a fitting farewell after 5 great years.

Chris Downey: Thank you #grifters #Leverage fans are relentless. What will you do for an encore?

John Rogers: Well Hell, #Grifters. You did it. I’ll be damned. #Leverage

Paul Guyot: Leverage winning #PCA is proof of the absolute best fans in television. Thanks #Grifters

Geoff Thorne: #Grifters ASSEMBLE! You RULE! #Leverage



It’s really bittersweet that they won this honor and were canceled. Let’s hope USA or another cable network sees their value and picks them up! At least they went out on top.

Gallery Updates – Leverage Episodes 5×14 & 5×15

Monday, Jan 7, 2013
Gallery Updates – Leverage Episodes 5×14 & 5×15

These are the final screenshots for Leverage. *sad face* I’ve been uploading the YouTube clips too. When I’ve still got 5×15 to upload but once its done, all of them will be here on this playlist: Leverage S5 – Best of Alec Hardison, BTS, Promos, Extras.


Click the gallery below to go to the pictures:

Leverage > Season Five > 5-14 The Toy Job > 5-14 Screencaps

Leverage > Season Five > 5-15 The Long Goodbye Job > 5-15 Screencaps


‘Leverage’ series finale: Dean Devlin talks about the ultimate con

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2013
‘Leverage’ series finale: Dean Devlin talks about the ultimate con

By Kristi Turnquist, The Oregonian The Oregonian
on December 29, 2012 at 6:00 AM













The good news is that the series finale of “Leverage” that aired on Christmas night earned respectable ratings. As TV Line reports, the episode “drew 3.04 million viewers — its largest total audience, by a wide margin, since Season 5’s premiere (5.4 mil).”

But then, there’s the bad news: namely, that this was the series finale. Luckily for fans, though TNT dragged its feet interminably before making it official that the filmed-in-Portland show wouldn’t return for a sixth season, executive producer Dean Devlin and co-creator John Rogers figured that if this was to be the last “Leverage” episode, they wanted to go out the way they’d always planned.

Spoilers ahead: The final episode, fittingly titled “The Long Goodbye Job,” pulled a trick on the audience. As we watched, we saw what appeared to be a disastrous plan hatched by team leader Nate (Timothy Hutton) to save the life of a gravely ill child. Team members Hardison (Aldis Hodge) and Eliot (Christian Kane) were killed as they tried to evade guards in an ultra-high security building. Things went so terribly wrong that the best option, Nate decided, was to drive everyone in a van off the opened span of Portland’s Broadway Bridge, for a “Thelma and Louise”-style fate.

Well, that’s what it looked like, anyway. Turns out that this was just the story Nate had spun to fool an Interpol agent, and that tall tale was key to what turned out to be the team’s true goal: to capture a cache of top-secret information about the corporate crooks who conspired in creating the global economic crash.

In other words: there was no sick kid. The episode ended with another surprise: Nate proposing to Sophie (Gina Bellman), and the two of them bowing out of the team of reformed crooks that Nate had formed and led through five seasons of restoring justice to little folks bulled and exploited by rich, powerful bad guys. As Nate and Sophie — who Nate called “Laura,” indicating that was the grifter’s long-hidden, real name — departed in happy union, Parker, Hardison and Eliot were left to take over the “Leverage” mission.

Talking about “The Long Goodbye Job” on Friday, Devlin said, “I’m so grateful, and so glad that we got to end it properly. Can you imagine if we’d ended the show with a cliffhanger, and the series just ended? This is show that should not have faded away. I’m so glad we got to do the finale we always wanted to do.”

Of the deceptive structure of “The Long Goodbye Job,” Devlin said, “It was a big risk. It was the first time the con was played on the audience. We didn’t know how the audience would feel being the victim. We were really pleased with the response.”

“Leverage” fans are a very passionate group, and Devlin had addressed them directly in a pair of statements posted on the Website as the series’ future was uncertain and again once TNT announced its cancellation. So loyal are the fans that there’s already a campaign afoot to try and convince another network to pick up the show.

“I think it’s a long shot,” said Devlin, whose company, Electric Entertainment, produces she series.  “It so rarely happens. But hey, the beautiful thing about this is there’s no studio involved. We own the show. We finance the show. If an opportunity should present itself…there’s no door closed.”

Of having the show’s lead and highest-profile star, Hutton, seemingly leaving in the finale, Devlin said that didn’t necessarily mean Nate and Sophie would be out if “Leverage” had gotten picked up. Earlier in Season 5, Devlin said, an episode had focused just on Hutton and Bellman’s characters, and gave an idea of what their life might look like in the future. If the show had gone on, Devlin said, “If we wanted, we could just do the Tim and Gina show, or we could alternate, one week it’s Tim and Gina, one week it’s the kids (Kane, Hodge and Riesgraf). There were all kinds of possibilities.”

But the main idea in crafting “The Long Goodbye Job,” Devlin said, was, “we’re just going to deal with what we’ve got. Let’s wrap it up. That was our total focus.”

Though TNT canceled “Leverage,” Devlin has nothing but praise for the cable network. “They’ve been the best partners. I have zero complaints. They did everything they could throughout the run of the show to let us make the show we wanted to make.”

Devlin has been working with TNT since 2004, with the TV-movie, “The Librarian.” He would love to keep working with TNT, he said. “I know John Rogers is doing another pilot with them. We would all be happy to continue that partnership.”

The world of TNT has changed since Devlin first collaborated with the network, he said. The network has added several more original series, and “they’ve got amazing people they’re working with, from Michael Bay to Frank Darabont. It’s much more competitive over there. I’m happy to be in the hunt.”

While “The Long Goodbye Job” seemed to tie up the loose threads of the Nate-Sophie romance, there remains one ambiguous area — Sophie’s name. The show has repeatedly said that Sophie Devereaux is not her real name. But when Nate proposes, he calls her “Laura,” which makes it seem like that’s the name we’ve been waiting to hear. But then Sophie tosses off a remark to Nate that, well, he knows that Laura isn’t her real name.

So what is her name? “Maybe you heard it,” Devlin said, slippery as a born con artist. “And maybe you didn’t.”

But she said Laura wasn’t her real name?

“That’s what she said,” Devlin continued. “If you could trust her.”

Hmm. “You do hear her name,” Devlin added, “for about 40 seconds.”

So Laura really is her name, then?

“Maybe. It might be. It sure might be.”


Source: Oregon Live

Leverage Series Finale Recap: The Con Goes On

Wednesday, Jan 2, 2013
Leverage Series Finale Recap: The Con Goes On

December 26, 2012 07:03 AM PST


The other night, I found myself watching Ocean’s Thirteen for, to be conservative, the 11teenth time. I love heist films. Likewise, I embraced the likes of TV’s (short-lived) Thief and even (the short-lived) Smith. But TNT’s Leverage, arriving when it did, really took the baton from Danny Ocean, offering a small-screen version of that stylized spin on modern-day Robin Hoods, burglars with a cause.

I’d be lying if I said that Leverage never ebbed in quality. In fact, this past season’s Inception-like second episode I frankly couldn’t finish, it had veered so far from the series’ original construct and slightest whiff of plausibility.

But man, did the show manage to go out with a final bang this Tuesday night, delivering one of its best, smartest riffs on the Ocean’s-like “What you think happened, didn’t — but this did” formula.

RELATED | TVLine Readers’ 2013 Wish Includes Leverage Salvation and More

Most “simply” recounted… the caper drama’s very final hour opened with Nate, looking a bit worse for wear, being held somewhere and questioned about a bungled job, one that left several of his friends dead. As related by the mastermind, he and his team set out to breach the well-secured Highpoint Tower, to secure a trial drug that would help a patient of the pediatrician that once cared for Nate’s ill-fated son. To do so, Parker went in through the roof, only to get pinned down in an elevator shaft with Hardison (who had come in through the lobby posing as an alarm service tech). As Parker took a bullet from a cop who saw through their ruse, Hardison plummeted several stories, breaking his leg and busting up his insides. Eliot did his best to fend off other burly obstacles, but even he, on his dash for the getaway van, took a bullet straight through the back. Nate and Sophie, in the front seat, did their best to dodge a police blockade and were last seen about to leap an opening drawbridge. It was all extremely grim stuff that, as directed and presented on-screen, had you wondering if the con was very much no longer on for this band of bandits.

But as Alcatraz‘s Emerson Hauser would say, “That’s not what happened. Not at all.” Instead — as promised by Aldis Hodge back in July — we were finally made privy to the real reason Nate relocated their operation to Portland for Season 5.

The woman interviewing Nate in the “hospital” — revealed to be Interpol agent Casey (played by The Shield‘s Catherine Dent) — saw holes in his story, and gleaned that Parker in fact had entered Highpoint through a tunnel that connected to a theater where Sophie was staging/starring in MacBeth. Secondly, Parker never was after a trial drug but an Internet server room. When Casey’s investigation suggested that Parker was still cowered inside that room, waiting for their target — an incendiary file known as “The Black Book” — to pass through the pipes prime for pinching, the Interpol agent’s boss, none other than Jim Sterling (Hi, Mark Sheppard!), keyed her and a team of agents in to conduct a search. But Parker, along with Hardison and Eliot, had embedded themselves within that team, then stayed behind after Casey turned up nothing. They then grabbed the needed hard drive and exited back through the tunnel, losing themselves amid the cast of Sophie’s play. (Eliot’s “shooting,” meanwhile? All staged for the security camera, with Nate playing the “cop.”)

Nate later got led to a prison transfer vehicle, his fate seemingly sealed in the wake of the confirmed robbery and the discovery of dummy corpses he had used to fake a heist-gone-bad. But with Casey none the wiser, Sterling did his longtime frenemy a solid and wished him well, knowing that Sophie was behind the wheel. (When did Sterling get wise, though? Because Nate purposely distracted him when Parker et al sneaked into the server room.) Later, the team reconvened to celebrate their grand theft and watch as Nate proposed to… “Laura” (not Sophie’s real name) (AHO Admin note: Its Lara according to Gina Bellman). And with those two lovebirds now out of the game, the final scene gave us sleek-and-steely Parker, flanked by Eliot and Hardison, explaining to a new oppressed client how they could provide… leverage.

All told and as promised by show boss Dean Devlin, who suspected this could be (and in fact was) it, the season finale played perfectly as a series-ender, delivering a memorable combo of sleight-of-hand and misdirection, serving up a bit of romantic closure and calling in an old “friend,” but also planting a seed to show us how the con ostensibly would go on.

What did you think of the Leverage series finale?
Go here to vote: TV Line

Source: TV Line

LEVERAGE: Aldis Hodge Talks About the Show’s Final Season

Tuesday, Dec 25, 2012
LEVERAGE: Aldis Hodge Talks About the Show’s Final Season

December 24, 2012 by


The holiday season isn’t as bright for LEVERAGE fans, as the series will say goodbye with “The Long Goodbye Job”…an episode that was shot without them knowing for certain whether the end was in fact coming. And while the producers decided to go forward with what they planned as the series finale in the hour, the decision to cancel the show only came out late last Friday night.

I spoke with Aldis Hodge (Hardison) before it was revealed that TNT wouldn’t be continuing on with the series, and he expressed his desire to continue on with the series…while still being satisfied with how Tuesday’s now-series finale left the show.

Take a look at that, his favorite episode from this season, and more…

What was the feeling on set as you were filming the final episode of the season? You guys didn’t know whether it would be a season or series finale…
Aldis Hodge: You know, it’s like this every year. Five years. We try and enjoy every single moment because the entire season goes by so fast, so we adopt that mentality from the first day on set to the very last.

As far as it being the last season, whether it is or isn’t, for us, that’s not something we worry about…all we can hope is we can create the best show we have. If it is the last one…we’re still going to give you the best show we can possibly give, because it’s about satisfying the fans. We want to make sure when the fans watch it, they know we’ve given our 200%.

I remember the first season finale — we literally [said], “This could be the last scene we shoot together.” And it was the last scene of that episode, and we had to be emotional and it was for real, because it could be the last time we [saw] each other. At this point, look, we’re a family. We’re going to make something happen regardless. We just wanted to honor the show, so if it is the last [episode], we feel we’ve given it its just-due. But we’re not ready for it to be the last. We still have a whole lot more to tell.

If this is it, are you satisfied with where your character ends up? Or are you going to be thinking of all the things he could have done down the line?
AH: That’s a yes and no. I mean, if this was the [series] finale, I would be satisfied where the show ended up. As far as my character, I think he has a lot more to explore within himself…I want to keep going. I’d be happy because we gave the audience a resolute answer and we rounded it off well for the team, but I think that my character has bounds and leaps [where he could go].

If the show continues on, what would you like to see Hardison get to do?
AH: I would like to see his personal life a bit more. Possibly see him and Parker on a vacation. I would like to see his family. This mystery family of his. I wanted to see Nana, which there is a possibility if we come back, we’d get to meet Nana in the sixth season. I would love, love to meet Nana finally. Because I want to see where his foundation lies. I want to see what created Hardison. We’ve gotten pieces over the years and we’ve seen him mature, but we haven’t seen what created him.

Totally fair. Do you have a favorite episode from this season?
AH: From just season 5? “The Rundown [Job].” It’s a close call, because the season finale is also really, really great. All of these shows have been fun, so it’s really hard to pick a favorite. But [with that episode] you got to see Eliot and Hardison and Parker away; they got to explore their relationship with each other in a way we didn’t get to see. They have to push themselves to a different level of their own expertise and they had to challenge their own courage in a way we haven’t seen before. I think that’s the most afraid we’ve ever seen Hardison, ever, in these five years. Actually, we saw Hardison scared in [season 4’s] “The Grave Danger Job,” which was awesome as well, but I love it whenever you get to explore different facets of characters’ feelings and emotions and this one, we definitely did that. So that was at the top for me this season. And then the season finale.

Good to know. What has the fan support meant to you over the years?
AH: It means so much. The People’s Choice [nomination this year], I remember I was in disbelief when our producers told us we were nominated. She said we were, and I said, “Do you meant we’re trying to campaign to get a nomination?” And she said, “No, we’re already nominated.” I didn’t believe it until I went to the website and went, “Oh my God, we’ve got a nomination.” And I know that’s really cool because the people have to go and campaign and do it themselves. I don’t remember asking for this, I didn’t even know it came up until it happened. So for the fans to do it on their own, it really shows how dedicated they are to us.

If you think how many great shows are out there — I think we have a great show, but if you think how many great shows are out there, we’re one of the nominees. We’re one of the top 5. From our fans. That means our fans really are that dedicated. It just makes no sense how elated I felt at that moment. The People’s Choice Awards, that’s no small prize. That’s a big deal. I don’t care if we win. I just want to go and say I’m a nominee, and I want to go to the awards and enjoy that.

LEVERAGE’s series finale airs December 25th at 10 PM on TNT.

Source: Give Me My Remote