Stalkerazzi Policy

Sunday, Mar 16, 2014


Aldis Hodge Online is dedicated to respecting and admiring Aldis as an Actor. We do not post, support or promote gossip relating to his personal life. This site will not offer paparazzi photography. While we understand that fans may be interested in seeing candids and personal photos, I do not believe in invading a persons’ privacy. Aldis has the right to a personal life which is away from media speculation and public intrusion.


No news on Aldis’ personal life or relationships will be posted on this site. We will provide photos from events as these are public. We may also post behind the scenes and on set photos from Aldis’ TV Shows and Films, however if Aldis requests them to be removed, they will be immediately. The only “Personal” photos that will be added to the gallery are those Aldis posts on his own twitter / retweets. You’re welcome to follow him on Instagram to see his personal pictures, but unless he tweets the pictures, we will not repost them here. If Aldis requests these be removed they will be immediately.


We hope Aldis’ fans can support this policy. Thank you.



Thank you to Adelaide Kane Web for writing the majority of this post. I edited it to suit our site.

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